Popping String Makes My Teeth Grit

Shop Loyal/Local: Todd & Moore Takes Care Of Us
Outside the everyday hustle and grind (and fun) of the real estate business, there are a couple of things that make me grit my teeth and say, “Really?… Really.” One, which drives me bat crazy, is Columbia’s red light system. The other, is when I pop my strings.

It’s hard enough to find someone that can hit balls when I can go (late), and even more difficult to find an open court with lights. When these logistics are finally worked out, and a good sweat is on the cusp, there’s nothing more frustrating (other than rain) than hearing my strings pop. Uggh.

This all said, thank goodness for Todd & Moore. As frustrating as popping strings can be, Columbia players know they can take their wounded weapon to the good people at Todd & Moore. More often than not, we can be hitting balls again by day’s end.

I snapped this pic around 9:30 AM. Later that same day, I was bangin’ on the Mays Park wall.


  1. I'm with you on broken tennis strings and the Columbia red light system. Especially the red light on Gervais and Main that is a NO RIGHT TURN ON RED EVEN WHEN THE LANE NEXT TO YOU HAS A GREEN… Really?.. Really?? So, all the cars are going from my direction, but I still can't turn right?

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