Pamela Adams For Richland One Schools

PamelaAdamsSignIf you know me or are a regular reader of this blog, you know I like to be dialed into local and state politics. That said, more often than not, I stay clear of typing about my choice candidate. Not this time.

I met Pamela years ago when she first started dating my good friend David Adams (David and I met as I was running for SC House District 78 in ’96). Pamela and I immediately hit it off and fast forwarding a decade and a half, I’ve been impressed by everything Pamela has accomplished.

If you don’t know her, Pamela is a middle school teacher @ Hand Middle School and a stellar mother of three awesome kids. All three children attend public school.

Going back to, “I stay clear of typing about my choice candidate,” I rarely put a yard sign in our front yard either. Well, it’s 1:30ishAM and I just stepped to the front of the house to proudly snap a pic of our “Pamela Adams” sign.

I don’t pretend to have many of the answers pertaining to the issues of “Richland One,” but I do know a few things. – Public schools are vitally important to real estate markets and are actually ‘the driving force’ of local home values(Remember, all real estate is local). – I want the best for my community. I have a three year old that’s about enter ‘school age.’

Again, while I don’t know all of the issues, I do know Pamela. I know she is a top shelf teacher, mom, and person. I believe in her. She has a ‘can do’ attitude about our public schools. She’s also not afraid to speak her mind and/or do the right thing when put in tough/prickly situations. On a personal note, I consider Pamela (and David) to be some of my best friends.

With that, I say congratulations Pamela Adams! Hopefully she can reach every person in the district so they can know her (even a fraction) like I do. Richland One will be better for having her. I’m sure of it.



  1. I’m glad to see that she’s a teacher and that her children actually attend public schools. It has always bothered me that one of the district 5 school board representatives sends her son to an out-of-state boarding school. She’s a nice lady but I just can’t get behind that.

  2. Sarah Vann Bonds says

    Wish we lived in School District I as I would certainly support Pamela Adams. Please do your District a favor and vote for her to make the decisions for future generations.

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