Our Stats Contradict The State…Again

State Newspaper Reports Columbia Sales ‘Slid Again’
A few days ago The State Newspaper published an article regarding a rise in home sales throughout South Carolina. Conversly, it’s also reported that sales in Columbia has not fared as well as the other metro areas of The Palmetto State.
I can report from experience that “Columbia Home Sales” is a very broad term. If The State had the ability to paint with pinstripes rather than broad strokes, the picture would show that the intown market is stronger than the outskirts of the Midlands. What I’m saying is that downtown Columbia is “hooked” to broader sales reports.
Anyone that’s been to my office knows that we work off of two whiteboards on one of our walls. The boards have our listings written in green while the homes Under Contract are written in blue. I counted them up today and presently we have 11 houses Under Contract.
I hope I’m not jinxing some of my sales but the three pictured above are Under Contract. I haven’t put “Pending Contract” riders on the signs as the inspections are still forthcoming. Even so, they’re good listings and am confident they’ll close.
I’m glad for our state for experiencing an overall uptick in the market and I’m hopeful that Columbia’s overall numbers will follow suit. I hope too that we can continue to stay ahead of the reported sales curve.
Given that my team manager and I have newborns, I’d be fibbing if I didn’t admit that with sometimes my eyes feel like 20 lb. weights. Nevertheless, we know that our Buyers and Sellers need service and we’re happy to provide it.
Thanks to the best network in South Carolina and hard work, hopefully we can continue to buck the trend and post another property on ‘the board’…in BLUE INK. 🙂

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