Newest Listing Collection.

Devine4100HamptonwoodShirleyAs I mentioned in a previous post, a new collection of good listings was on the way. Well, they’re here, and the next wave of beautiful homes for sale has officially hit the Downtown Columbia, SC real estate market.

Here’s today’s lineup:

1 – 4100 Devine St. @ Shandon – 29205
2 – 48 Hamptonwood @ Hamptonwood East – 29209
3 – 1125 Shirley St. @ Melrose Heights – 29205

I’ll post more about each listing soon. In the meantime, if you or anyone you know would like to know more about these homes for sale, or any other homes on the market, or would like to know the value of a property, please call 803-447-8683 or email .

Thank you!


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