Rough Weekend @ Columbia.

What in the world is going on around here?

1 – Traffic. What happened? I certainly can’t measure up to some of the lifelong Gamecock fans but I’ve been here since ’91. I can’t remember any game that traffic was so backed up. We live on the I-77 side of Rosewood Drive which gives us a myriad of options to get to the stadium. We chose to cruise the straight shot down Rosewood, which I’ve done, I dunno, scores of times. That said, I could have had my ass in the sand at Sullivan’s Island faster than I could get anywhere near the stadium Saturday.

2 – Plumbing. What’s the what here? I heard the pressure in the stadium wasn’t there and made for some pretty rancid experiences. I also heard at one of the tailgating venues they asked the women to skip flushes between pee’ers. Wuh?

3 – Football. University of Kentucky Football > University of South Carolina Football. Four in a row. That’s it.

4 – One of the four new flamethrowers operated properly.

5 – Shootings. This is actually #1 concern and far beyond me being a grumpfish about the weekend. Ten to 12 of my friends and I were standing right where the bullets flew in The Vista. I remember complaining that we were standing between a bunch of nasty trash bins beside Pearlz while waiting for our Ubers and deciding where to go next. We missed getting sprayed by an hour or two.

I feel terrible for the victims and the Kentucky fan that was shot while visiting our city.

I’m shaking my head as I type this. Shameful.

Now, if you know me, you’re aware that I have a propensity to see things in a good light and like to look at things from 10,000 feet in the air. You know, the big picture. I’m also pretty good at taking it from the telescope to the microscope.

Microscope in mind, the pics above don’t fit the first five or six paragraphs in this blog post. That’s by design and here’s what I’m getting at: the kids had fun. Our family had a big time.

Did stuff suck? Yes, and that’s a conversation for our Columbia. While this was not a banner Chamber of Commerce weekend for Columbia, look at my girls’ faces in the pics above as the afternoon turned to dusk.

I love it, and that’s what ‘really’ happened on Saturday for me. 🙂

Franklin Jones

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