KG Neighborhood Fantasy League!!!

Good morning. I’d like to introduce you to my 2020 Neighborhood NFL Fantasy Football Team.

Like many franchise owners out there, I’ve never heard of most of my team, and that’s OK. That said, I’ve never heard of most of my team members, so there’s that.

This year I had the terrible position (IMHO) of picking back to back in the snake model. I was “ON THE CLOCK!” for the 12th & 13th picks, ON THE CLOCK/ON THE CLOCK, ON THE CLOCK/ON THE CLOCK! You get the idea….

Where time will tell if I messed up is when I didn’t take myself off, “Auto-Draft.” I had Derrick Henry and Julio Jones in my scope when the machine picked up Austin Ekeler & Josh Jacobs, automatically. DAAMMMMNNNN!!!

Oh well, it may work out awesomely…

I’ll say this to the Commissioners out there and to the readers that notice I don’t have a kicker on my roster. Get your Covid-19 provisions straight before your draft. Our League’s Rules read that we needed 17 players. Some of us picked accordingly such that we waited to pick a DST or kicker with our 15th, 16th, or 17th pick. Those picks never happened as CBS shut us down with a 14 player roster.

That said, some of us now need to trade a player for our franchises to qualify to play Week 1.

Either way, fun is fun, and good luck to everyone and a big thank you to all of the Commissioners out there for putting this all together!

Franklin Jones


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