My Party Is Just Getting Started. TWINS!!

TwinsIf you are friends with my wife, Jennifer, or me, or friends with either of us on Facebook you’re probably aware of our HUGE news.  Tuesday night I announced via a ‘Status Update’ that we’re having twins.  Boom & BOOM!!

While we’ve known for a few weeks, we decided to go the more cautious route regarding telling everyone.  After all, we’re not spring chickens and in full disclosure, we’re still in shock (her more than me, of course).

I’ll be delicate with my descriptions but assuming we’re all adults here I’ll set the stage.  At the doctor’s office we were enjoying the ultrasound viewing of our new baby.  Happy as can be, we squeezed eachother’s hand and did whatever else couples do while they watch the screen and listen to the high tempo heartbeat.  I asked the nurse, “Seems like there’s something else going on.  Do you see anything?”  Knowing what I was getting at, she replied, “No, there’s just one.”  I continued with, “I mean, are you sure?”  After moving the device around a bit and nervously hesitating about five seconds she again replied, “Just one, daddy.”  I sat there with an uneasy feeling but didn’t want to push.  Then, after taking some measurements she swirled around with what seemed to be a 180/perpendicular motion and another bubble oval appeared beside the one we had been looking at.  There they were…Two of them.   She was completely embarrassed and started apologizing immediately.  I looked at Jennifer and tears of shock were streaming down her temples. What a moment….

We are ecstatic and feel so blessed.  While we haven’t told her yet, our Finley will be a perfect age (4) to help us with her little brother(s) and/or sister(s) when the twins arrive.

Life has a funny way.  I naively thought I had a lot going on, and everything in order: Beautiful & awesome wife, perfect daughter, and a crazy busy/fun job that I sprint to every morning.   Think again!!!   God willing, our little party is just getting started.

Tuesday afternoon was Jennifer’s 12 week exam.  Everyone is healthy.

Thank You!!



  1. Boyd Brown says

    Congrats to the Jones family. People may try to quit keeping up with the Jones’ now…

  2. big fan of your blog, I like to keep my finger on the pulse of real estate here in Columbia. Much congrats on new babies. A father of 3 myself ages 2, 4, and 5, like you said the party has not even started yet. Enjoy it, as you probably already know the party goes by fast.

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