Mr. Friendly’s Speaks Out for MoMo’s

Columbia Offers Awesome Dining Establishments

Below is ‘Comment’ from Ricky Mollohan to my ‘Post’ about MoMo’s closing. Although the blog has a good number of visitors, almost no one ‘comments.’ With this in mind, I thought Ricky’s comment deserved it’s own post.

Most of us know that Ricky isn’t afraid of asking for business via social networking outlets, such as Facebook. His style sometimes gets him slammed by some friends, which he and I have spoken about.

As a small business that trades completely on a local level, I can see where it hurts to constantly put out an awesome product only to have a less than full dining room. MoMo’s is obviously no different.

MoMo’s was certainly on the rotation, but my favorite restaurant in Columbia is Mr. Friendly’s. ‘Friendly’s’ serves great food and good times, every time.
As most of my friends know, I actually get a kick out of shopping ‘Local and Loyal.’ FJ

This is a very sad thing. Mo Mo’s is a great restaurant and this just goes to show how important it is these days for everyone to bypass the chain restaurants and choose the independents whenever it’s possible.

I own three local establishments and am often criticized for voicing the need for people to get out to eat too much. I’ve heard all too often that i should put a sock in it. But this is how dire a situation MANY places are in. It’s just a shame that MoMo’s is one of them.

I’m hearing from very reliable sources that there are several more local eateries on the verge of also closing their doors. So please folks, eat Independent!

To the MoMo’s crew, hang in there and good luck! I’m pulling for you!

Ricky Mollohan –
Mr. Friendlys
Cellar on Greene


  1. Anonymous says

    Starbucks is local?

  2. No but I'm loyal to it. Nike's not local either but I wear their stuff. No question about it I like my brands!

    Longstreet Motors isn't local but I trade with them out of loyalty.

    No one's perfect about shopping locally but I'll stack my imperfect balance against anyone. For example, I'll drive for miles just to eat lunch or get gas in a particular county.

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