Midtown Realtors Meet The Inn @ USC

I Always Thought It Was Good, But Now Know It
A few days ago, instead of having a regular sales meeting at the office, The Inn at USC hosted Coldwell Banker United, Realtors – Midtown office for a tour and breakfast.   I have to admit, seeing as how “Midtown” dominates downtown real estate sales, I thought it was a pretty smart move, and a great way introduce the hotel to Realtors.   After all, Realtors are on “the front line” for folks moving to Columbia, SC, and our office is only three or four blocks away. 

Friend and client, Ashley Tanner Foster, and her team put on a good show.  The Inn at USC provided a first class banquet style breakfast, and well thought out, informative presentation.  The banquet room was large, the food was good, and the chairs were comfy.  The best part, as expected, was the tour itself.

I don’t travel much, but when it comes to hotels, I’m sort of a venue guy.   I LOVE a good view from a big window, preferably as high in the air as I can find.  That said, the rooms at The Inn at USC and the feel of the hotel itself makes up for any lack of height with no problem.   Further, while they’re not towering many stories over Columbia, the three large luxury suites at the top of the hotel are well thought out, huge, and pretty freekin awesome!!  I’m telling you, these suites stand up to any in Columbia, and are perfect for any special occasion.  For example, they’re over the top for any new couples wedding/pre honeymoon night.

One of best draws to Famously Hot Columbia is our neighborhoods, and everything The University of South Carolina has to offer.  The history, style, and location of The Inn at USC uniquely showcases these two facets of our city.  Actually, it’s spot on…

Kudos to The Inn at USC for inviting Coldwell Banker – Midtown Realtors to tour their hotel.   I think both entities will be well served by the staff’s presentation.  I’m sure the Realtors at Midtown will have no problem recommending a hotel to clients visiting Columbia, and that’s that’s the idea.

In sum, The Inn at USC is a perfect introduction to anyone thinking of moving to Columbia, SC.

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