Maximizing Exposure For Our Sellers

Pretty much every house on the market has some presence on national websites, like . That said, if you notice the photo above, you’ll see that two of the listings (3 if you click here) are on the site by default, while the middle home has been “enhanced.” Wonder who has the middle/brick home listed? Hmmm… 🙂

Notice the enhanced listing is highlighted, and enjoys the ability to show (in this case) 15 photos. Notice too, that the top and bottom listings are presented in a rather gray tone, while the middle one is more colorful. Further still, if you click the two grayer listings, you’ll only get four photos.

Even further, if you click the links to the top or bottom house, there will be very limited (if any) broker/agent contact information. Translation; Buyers have to dig/research to find the listing agent for more info. Conversely, our enhanced listings pop up, along with the 15 colorful photos, our phone numbers/email address and link to the blog.

In short, if a buyer wants to know more about our listings, it’s dead stupid simple. For obvious reasons, our sellers prefer this, and so do we.

You may not know this but we also utilize the “Featured Listings” opportunity on I call this group of four rotating listings ‘spinners,’ for no other reason than the fact they seem to spin constantly on the page.

What I’m getting at is, when you list with Amanda or me, your house gets the maximum exposure available. Many Realtors only utilize this tool for their larger priced listings, if at all. Perhaps this is a good strategy, but we enjoy enhancing exposure for all our listings, no matter the sales price.

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