Manning, Cola, Clinton & Anderson

2009 Holiday Season – A Good Time Had by All
For most Americans, the term “travel” is a relative one. Some people think that it isn’t “traveling” unless they get in a plane, big boat or train. If I had to arrive hours before a flight and hang out in airport floors for hours I could certainly understand where they’re coming from.

Some may call me lucky and some may call me spoiled so I’m not going to pretend that I do a lot of “traveling” during the holidays. Conceding this, moving about away from home during the holidays is relative and I can surely claim to participate in a healthy road trip.

This map of South Carolina shows that I celebrate Christmas in four facets of our state’s landscape. During the week we visit The Capital City, Santee Cooper Country, Old 96 District and The Upcountry. To say the least we all had a fine time together. I have to thank my wife and Townes Denemark for finally enabling me to enjoy a wireless Anderson experience. It’s about time.

We’ll see how future ‘road trips’ play out but now that Finley is with us, I’m pretty sure the family will be visiting the capital city for a little while

We all love the Chirstmas season but I’m happy to admit that it’ll be glad to be back to work on Monday morning.

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