Litchfield By The Sea Is Family Fun!!!

This Holiday Weekend, we found ourselves at one of our all time favorite vacation spots.  As most Sandlappers know, the Pawleys Island/Litchfield Beach area is hard to beat.
For a while now, I’ve wanted to spend some time at Litchfield By The Sea.  You know the place.  It’s where the huge tree leans extremely to the right (it’s now broken), and where the area Starbucks is located.  Love that!
Litchfield By The Sea is as cool as I thought it would be.  When it comes to family fun, this South Carolina resort has just about everything.  For starters, there are swimming pools everywhere, tons of little lakes that seem to feed from the marsh/creeks, and loads of tennis courts.  The smooth and wide walking/biking trails are in perfect condition, and widely used.  Even further, I think there are two “lazy rivers.”
Further still, the new beachfront Pavilion boardwalk is first class, and well thought out.  It’s a perfect entryway to South Carolina’s version of the Atlantic Ocean.
As you can tell from the pics above a golf cart rental is part of the fun, and in my opinion, a must.  In three full days, I’d bet we took the golf cart out no less than 10 times, as the kids enjoyed every moment.   The golf cart rides supplied big fun and lots of memories.  For instance, it was fun to watch Lee Payne and Finley hold hands the entire time they faced backwards.  BIG FUN for anyone paying attention.
To sum up, Litchfield By The Sea is an awesome choice for anyone looking for a beach house or condo.  This place has rentals for groups of all levels, and amenities to please everyone.  Even the grocery store is just across the street.
I’ve heard a few times Litchfield By The Sea is, “The Poor Mans DeBordieu.”    I don’t believe this is the case at all.  They’re just different, that’s all.   As DeBordieu is awesome, Litchfield By The Sea is in the center of everything everyone enjoys about the beach.
In short, I’m ready to go back.

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