Koozies Are The New Facemasks…


A few nights ago after the family had gone to bed, I was sitting around watching the tennis channel when an idea just popped into my head out of nowhere.

I got up and walked to where Jen keeps the koozies, cut one in half, and made a pretty fly mask out of it. Felt great, looked stupid, but who cares?

Fast forward to the next night and I thought, “Hmmm…what if I punch some holes in this thing and messed around with it a little.” Well, I turned it inside out and pulled iPhone earbuds through it and then poked a small hole in the front and used the earbud wire cinching thingy to pull and hold it to my face with some taut. This also made it multi-purposeful, as I can listen to a podcast or talk on the phone with no problem.

A nice little surprise happened when I stretched the bottom piece a little and it became a little red doggie tongue. 🙂

Anyway, we all have some extra time on our hands so I thought I’d share some silliness. That all said, if you need a mask in a pinch, go find a koozie, cut one side of it and there you go.

Thank you!

Franklin Jones


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