King’s Grant, Columbia, SC – $248.64/Ft.

Of the thousands of homes we’ve sold, some are just memorable. Thinking back, this may be the 5th time someone on the team has represented either the buyer or seller of this awesome house. Without doing research, years ago I think my journey with 31 Foot Point started at 810K, then 975K, and as of last week we landed at 1.1M, representing both buyers and sellers along the way, with Meghan Hesley representing the sellers, most recently.

While the paragraph above is a great story for The Neighborhood Company, the bigger picture is about King’s Grant. 31 Foot Point just popped $250ish/Ft. $1,100,000.00 / 4,424 sq.ft. = $248.64

As KG neighbors read this they’ll be sure to wonder, “Can I get this for my house?” The answer is, “No. Yes. Maybe.” The point of the post is not to brag or to coach you to “cash out,” but to make readers aware that this comp is “CLOSED” and available to all banks/lenders/appraisers to anyone that may be interested in selling and/or seeing what they can get for their house in King’s Grant Neighborhood.

Remember too, that the square footage of a house is far from the only factor in deciphering its value. It just happens to be what people in this market like to discuss first.

Over the years I’ve been criticized a few times for listing a house for too much money. Insert my theory, “If you don’t try to raise the bar, then how can home values in a neighborhood ever rise?” Translation – I’m not scared to ‘go for it’ (and neither was this seller).

If any of my KG Neighbors would like to know the money you may be able to get for your house, ring/text me at 803-447-8683 or DM on FB and we can share what we know.

Congratulations to all of the buyers and sellers of 31 Foot Point over the years! It’s an awesome house and obviously punches a lot of buttons!

Franklin Jones

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