King’s Grant Neighborhood, Again…

I’ll write a blog post about why I haven’t been posting as much as I used to a little later. In short, the real reason is that I can’t keep up with the volume the team is selling. That said, I feel like it’s my duty to inform some neighborhoods or some things when good things happen.

Introducing 31 Foot Point Road, once again. I’ve sold this stellar home 3 or 4 times in my career and it’s never lasted over a week on the market. This time, 31 Foot Point, at 4,333 sq. feet and 4 BRs hit the market at $950,000.00 & closed for $965,500.00.

I’ll do the math. That’s 222.82/sq.ft. in King’s Grant Neighborhood – Columbia, SC, 29209.

As most clients and readers know, I’m not afraid to “go for it” in a neighborhood, as I subscribe to the school of thought, “If you don’t try to raise the bar in a neighborhood, how can the homes ever raise in value.” That mantra has served my clients (and me) very well.

Congratulations to the buyers and sellers of 31 Foot Point and to the residents of one of the most popular neighborhoods in downtown Columbia, SC.

Thank you!

Franklin Jones


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