Keller Williams Family Reunion & Me.

Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t posted on the blog since last Monday. Well, with good reason. I was attending the largest and most badass convention in real estate, the annual Keller Williams Family Reunion.

While we couldn’t all be together in Vegas this year, the pic was taken at our Downtown Columbia, SC office. As pretty much most of you know, I don’t often wear T-shirts unless I’m on the tennis court or taking a walk with the fam. That said, it was a fun week of learning, and truth told, I’m showing my love and pride in this company & all it gives.

There are a lot of storylines with this pic and I’ll give you three, quickly.

1- The lanyard – Traning matters and KW is the #1 training company in the world, among all companies and industries. I’ve been doing this for somewhere near 15 years and I prolly took 10 pages of copious notes from pros selling 500, 750, 1000, 2000 (and yes, even 50 and 100) units a year, on how to be a better REALTOR for our clients, and moreover, a better husband and dad while I do it.

2- The hat – KW supplies a gigantic highway through which REALTORS can build their businesses the way they want. Do you want to be a Ferrari? Wanna be a Rolls? Wanna be a Suburban or even a bus? The choices and opportunities are yours. We chose to be The Neighborhood Company and we can take it wherever we want within our market or to 1,000 other Market Centers.

3- The shirt – “401KW.” There are not many REALTORS out there with retirement plans. That said, I have a second income because I choose to help build the company. Yes. Gary Keller pays us a portion of the profit of the office, monthly. My family will enjoy this beyond my retirement, as it is willable.

Think of that for a second….. My daughters Finley, Ivey, and Nora will receive deposits in their bank accounts from Keller Williams Realty International for the rest of their lives for what is happening right now and for the rest of my career.

That all said, I’m back from the virtual and digital convention that I enjoyed very much!

Lemme know if you’d like to attend next year or want to know more about my journey with KW and what it can mean for you and your family, confidentially. 803-447-8683 or

Thank you!

Franklin Jones

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