Oct. Profit Share! 401KW

I’d like to take a moment and share another wonderful thing about our company.

The image above, provided by our AI tech buddy, Kelle (think Siri, or Alexa for real estate), is what showed up in my bank account yesterday as a result of the profit-sharing program that is available to those who choose to participate, accordingly.

I spoke into my phone, “Profit Share,” and she answered with what you see above.

The way the program works, loosely explained, is that if the brokerage shows a profit at the end of the month, it pays the agents that helped build the brokerage a portion of the profit. It’s amazing, it’s fun, and we love it.

Is $1,600 bux going to make my a** or break my a**? Probably not. That said, having a solid $1,600 show up in my account is pretty cool. That’s a mortgage payment for a lot of people. That’s some free car payments, right there. Shoot, a few more of these and Jennifer and our babies are going to Disney…on the company’s dime!

For my commission income only real estate friends, I want to let this marinate for a few seconds…..



Further still, most 1099 real estate professionals don’t have a 401k. Well, here’s the coveted residual income opportunity: aka – 401kw.

The best part may be the fact that our new Downtown KW franchise Market Center is only six/seven months old (young). We are just getting started!

If you or anyone you know would like to know more about the opportunities and genius of this system, please call or shoot me a text at 803-447-8683 or email Franklin@TheNeighborhoodRE.com and I’d love to share what I’ve learned!

Thank you!

Franklin Jones

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