Junior League ‘Refreshing’ Their Brand.

imageThursday night we had the pleasure of attending The Junior League of Columbia’s Year End Celebration & Awards Event. As you know, in my bias, this is the finest, most impactful, most over-achieving philanthropic organization in the Midlands.

Tonight was a little different than most years past. This year, given they are celebrating 90 years of awesomeness, The League decided this would be an ideal time to ‘freshen up’ their logo.

Get ready to see the image above, a lot. A TV campaign, billboards, windshield stickers, hats, TERVIS tumblers, T-Shirts, and tote bags will be all over town raising further awareness to The League. Shoot, I’ll be re-ordering sign riders with the new logo, too!

Well done to the folks who made this happen. I’m not sure of the structure of the effort, but I’m going to deem Emily Brady the un-official Chair of the un-official “Refresh Committee” (someone is sure to correct me if this is incorrect in any way).

On a more personal note, I was super proud of outgoing President Carla Moore. In my opinion she did a fantastic job and was a pleasure to work with. Fast forward to tomorrow and I couldn’t be more excited about my friend Ginny Stout Hairston being president. I’ve known Ginny a long time. She has a can-do attitude, infectious personality, and a competitive edge about her. I knew this was in the cards for Ginny, as her skill sets seem perfect for the job. In short, I think she has a knack for it. The day she texted me that she was nominated as President-Elect I had a big smile on my face as I texted her back. If you remember, Ginny is the member I pitched the F|A ‘pay it forward’ donation project to.

This is also the night my wife Jennifer and I present the Kinsey Black Jones Award to the deserving 1st, 2nd, or 3rd year active member(s). This year we had two winners, and I was proud to stand next to them.

Well done to JLC for refreshing their image, and to Carla Moore and Ginny Stout Hairston. Once again – First Class.

Thank you!

Franklin Jones

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