Happy 5-0 Birthday, Jennifer S. Jones!

I’m a little late posting about Jen’s 50th birthday, but I think she’s OK with it.

Think of it. She made it to the BIG FIVE OH, but given today’s environment, I couldn’t throw her a big party or go on a big trip without feeling the risks so I said, “Babe, maybe this year is skipped and you’re not 50 until next year, anyway.” Truth told, both of our passports are expired, anyway.

SOOOO…..I had the best time with these billboards, and I think she did, too. I’ve heard many times over the last few weeks, “If my husband put a high school picture of me or me in a bathing suit in the middle of Columbia I would have beat his ass….”

That all said, I hope many of you were able to enjoy some of Jennifer’s life moments at the corner of Huger & Harden, and Devine & Beltline Blvd. She was a good sport and our kids loved the boards. A few minutes before Jen and the kids saw them, we took a quick trip to the jewelry store where she got to pick out what she wanted.

Big thanks to Clara Humberg (Director of Get S$*^ Done @ The Neighborhood Co.), and Megan Telencio @ Lamar Advertising for the quick action.

I think Jen had an awesome 50th birthday and the billboards made for a fun week of celebration.

Love you, Babe,

Franklin Jones


  1. Thats really cool

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