“It’s The Summer Of MICIT.” Bump?

micitWe are back from the beach! It was an awesome week and while I’m anxious to go again, I’m glad to be back at the job.

As many friends can tell from Jen’s pics on Facebook, we had a big time hanging out on the sand and floating in the ocean (in very shallow water, BTW!).

While the beach, sun, and relaxation was great, the week was dominated by two themes. 1) “The Whip and The Nae Nae.” 2) MICIT – Columbia.

If you don’t know what MICIT is…I think the acronym goes something like this; Moms In Charge (of “It”). When my vacay buddy Michael heard the acronym he spouted, “Franklin, we should do a, “DisIt.” Pretty good.

Here’s the thing. I kinda sleep with my iPhone. While I know that info is a little personal, here we are. Now that you know this, here’s where I’m going; Once someone “signs you up” for micit, your phone buzzes every time someone puts something up for sale. It could be a boat, your moms old placemats, or a used bra. Bzzzz/Bzzzzzz, goes the phone next to your head. Bzz/Bzzzzzzzz. Bzz/Bzzzzzzzzzz, every time someone gets on a roll. Micit has become my alarm clock.

As friend and fellow vacationer, Mundi, said, “It’s the summer of MICIT,” as we all scrolled our phones looking at people’s stuff driving ‘home’ from somewhere fun.

Truth told, MICIT is a hit. If it retains it’s popularity, JLC’s “Clean Sweep” may have a volume situation as so many JLC members will have sold their stuff on the Facebook site.

Interestingly (and understandably) we all can clearly see that MICIT sellers don’t want to meet at their homes to trade their stuff. Let me offer this; When Amanda, Elizabeth, Amy and I close on a new spot we’re going to offer our space as a MICIT exchange zone. It will be ‘way funner’ (and easier) than meeting at a huge grocery strip mall! After all, who wants to look for someone they don’t know in a huge parking lot. What color is your car?… and what are you wearing?

What about the other theme mentioned above? After one of the girls showed us her rendition, the girls and I got into a long debate about who was a “Whip,” and who was the, “nae, nae.” I told them I was only going to be one nae, not two. I think one of the twins we were traveling with wanted to be known as the whip. It was one of those, “You had to be there” moments. None of us know what we’re talking about, of course, but the tune certainly stuck in our heads the whole week even though the song wasn’t played even once.




  1. MY daughter signed me up a few months ago. Her name is Angie Ferriell. I would like to be a member. Thank you!

  2. Martha Quinn says

    I would like to know more about your website for Asheville,NC. Just heard about the one in Charlotte from a friend and am interested.
    Thank you

  3. Is there anyway I can sign up for Micit by myself?!? I was a member before on fb. Since u are not on fb anymore I was wondering if I can join the website?!!

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