How Ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude…

With the square, black buzzer in hand, my wife and I were patiently waiting to be seated at Za’s. For a few minutes, we were probably third in line to get a table. All the sudden this nice couple walks in, scopes out the situation and notices that there is one freshly cleaned table. Well, they swiflty grab two menus and their napkin wrapped silverware, to gladly clain their new spot.

I don’t know if the couple noticed, but everyone else saw this act of rudeness. Waitresses, the manager and customers were all looking at each other across the room. Of course, Jenna and I didn’t really care, as we were just visiting with everyone. It was a tinch awkward though. Even worse, two of the people waiting were in their military camouflage.

I looked at the fella’s in uniform, and just shook my head and rolled my eyes. Taking the high road, they just shrugged their shoulders…

Someone needs to tell the couple that this is not how we do it, in the city “where friendliness flows…”


  1. We should institute immigrations at the state line, with SC agents only granting 2-week visas to Yankees (including Floridians). After 2 weeks, they get deported.

    Of course, I also think said border agents should deport anyone who ever utters the awful word “tinch”.

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