How Many Solo Cups Have You Held ??

The Party Vessel Is Actually A Measuring Apparatus

Although we’ve had a pretty productive few days, I’m confident this unusually looong holiday week will continue to feel like a few more Saturdays in a row. Since so many folks are at the beach, lake, or in a pool, I’m aware the amount of eyeballs of this little blog will decrease.

Knowing this is an off week, and to continue with the holiday spirit, I want to take an opportunity to relay some useless information. From the moment you notice it, however, it’s kinda gonna be kinda useful moving forward.

If you haven’t paid attention yet, take a sec to look at the pic above. There ya go!

I got this useless tidbit from Facebook a few weeks ago, but held the pic in my phone until now. Of the thousands of SOLO cups I’ve been around, I’m not sure any of my friends are aware the lines actually serve a purpose. 

Two thoughts come to mind: 1) Who knew?… Duh  2) Dead simple clever.

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