‘Hater’ Rationale Revises World History

Who Are We, When We Hate On Our Own Wins?
Take a gander at a quote floating around the Facebook News Feed today. I’ve been rustling about this since the minute I saw it… just ask my wife. “Let’s be clear on this … Obama did NOT kill Bin Laden. An American soldier, who Obama just a few weeks ago was debating on whether or not to PAY did. Obama just happened to be in office when USA soldiers finally found and took him out. This is NOT an Obama victory, but an AMERICAN victory. Repost if you agree.” Confuse me?

Thought 1: What good (again, for emphasis)… What GOOD, could an American achieve by projecting such a thought. Why even think like this, much less advertise it? No duh its an American victory, but why any of the awful hate?

Thought 2: Given the premise above, world history has a serious problem. Let’s see… should George Washington be considered the, ‘Father Of Our Country?’ After all, he worked hard, sat in a hot room, had some insight, signed some docs, dressed up, rode in boats and mounted horses. Further, did Henry Ford actually ever hammer out a car? Did Hitler kill millions with his ‘actual’ pointer finger? Did Phil Jackson or Vince Lombardi have a dunk, throw a pass, or score any points in their team’s championships? How many slaves did President Abraham Lincoln free by bending bars with his own two hands, or was this just “timing?” I know this is sensitive, but go with me here… did President Reagan reeeally tear down any walls????

Now, I’d like to be clear. Sunday night was a big night for our beloved USA, and the globe. Was Barrack Obama the President when it happened? Yes. Did he pull the actual trigger that tapped Bin Ladens skull? No. Conversely, did Bin Laden fly the planes into the World Trade Center?

Whether you enjoy and/or like the sequence of events that led to this victory is on you. I simply don’t understand the obvious but completely unessessary (and rather unpatriotic) partisan tone.
Want to get an American point across? Get out of bed, and try your best to produce something… and stop hating.


  1. Well put.

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