Halloween @King’s Grant: Best In Show

No Neighborhood Does Halloween Better Than KG
For the 5th year in a row, Jennifer and I (and now Finley, of course) headed to King’s Grant to spend Halloween night with some of our best buds. I mean… why not!? IMO, the King’s Grant neighborhood provides the biggest and best Halloween experience in Columbia, and perhaps all of South Carolina.

I can never seem to snap a picture that does the excitement justice. All I can tell you is that it all starts off with a mob-style pizza party followed by several hay rides, smoke-filled doorways, dozens of golf carts clogging up cul-de-sacs, adult treats served in cups, hundreds of costumed little ones of all ages, and hundreds of adults having almost as much fun.

As I report about KG’s Halloween being an all-out blast, this year I get to bring into it my own personal daddy fun. At two’ish years old, this was the first time Finley was able to get into the action. I gotta say, our little ladybug hung right in there with the big kids and didn’t miss a trick, or a treat. I had so much fun walking with her from door to door and watching her say “Shann’ku!” (thank you) dozens of times. Moreover, I learned tonight that riding through the woods on a cold, dark night with your two-year-old girl is absolutely over-the-top fun. Like many of you have told me before, “It’s the little things, Franklin.” I’m getting it now…

All sugary-syrup daddy-ness aside, tonight was one of the best few hours I’ve had with our little girl. It was an all-out, top-shelf adventure. The hugs, expressions, and comments were the stuff that make dads melt. Thanks to all the folks in this great neighborhood who put on such a show.

See you next year! Well done, King’s Grant…


  1. Don't post this on your blog but “besties?” Really? You're a straight, adult man. Only sorrority girls should use a term like that.

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