Guns ‘N’ Roses; Axl Rose Returns

Chinese Democracy Is Finally Here.
Michael Jackson invented the “music video,” and moved the body like we’d never seen before. Crockett and Tubs were the coolest characters on TV. Magic and Larry won hearts and championships in their “loin shorts,” and Tyson acted as the world’s soul ripper.
While everyone was wearing their “Members Only” jackets, the baddest ass oddest sounding voice in a generation was screaming at us from our car speakers and boom boxes. Guns and Roses arrived, and we loved it.
The lead singer had a voice like you’d here in a nightmare, while the lead guitar looked like the nightmare. All said, when they put it all together…they were the coolest music makers out there.
Forward almost two decades. The culprit that ruined the band (Axl Rose), has finally brought the G’n’R brand back with Chinese Democracy.
I hope it’s a great album. Rolling Stone is said to have given a glowing review, while the New York Times had less than stellar things to write.
Good luck Axl. Maybe you can bring back the magic that you had in the 80’s and 90’s. Either way, it’s about time.

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