Gowns, Crowns and The Junior League

This Ain’t Yo Mama’s JLC!
Tonight the Junior League of Columbia showed out once again. As you can see from above they had a lot going on at their ‘Year-End Celebration.’

I must admit that of all the JLC meetings/events I’ve attended I can’t remember laughing as hard as I did tonight. The ‘transition ceremony’ of annual League presidents was taken to a new level as outgoing President Townes Denemark orchestrated an awesome little skit that included the cast of TLC’s, “The King of The Crown.”

Even though the star of the TV show, Cyrus Frakes, was a tinch late…it didn’t matter because whether she knows it or not, incoming president Allison Cox was a great sport and actually stole the show. Tonight I learned Allison is quick on her feet, combines her vocabulary with perfect timing and is overall hilarious… big time. She did an awesome job and had the tables around me laughing their faces off!

Humor notwithstanding, the second photo above shows Townes and the huge dollar amount the Junior League raised this year for Midlands charities. If I have to say or type it a million times, the women of the Junior League are second to none and continue to exemplify that they’re one of the foremost philanthropic organizations in the Midlands. $276,000…!!!

The reason I attend this event is to help present the Kinsey Black Jones Award. In my late wife’s memory, the award is given to an outstanding 1st, 2nd or 3rd Year ‘Active’ that’s voted on by her League peers. This years winner is Katie Wilmesherr. Townes assured me days ago that Katie was well deserving and actually very proud that she would be receiving Kinsey’s Award. I was ecstatic to stand with Townes to present the plaque and check to Katie as she received it with grace.

Congratulations to the Junior League on another fantastic year of philanthropy and fundraising. I’m sure Allison Cox and Kristy Ellenberg are poised and ready to continue the tradition of over achievement that has become standard of The League.

After tonights meeting/celebration, about 10 of us met Cyrus and the crew of “King of Crowns” at Cellar on the Greene. Their experiences are drama filled and the way they tell a pageant story is freegin’ HILARIOUS!!! I can’t do it justice…
From the outside looking in it was another impressive year for one of my favorite groups. I know Allison, Kristy and the rest of the Board will continue the trend and lift the League to even higher levels.

Great job, Townes!!! 🙂


  1. Thanks Frank Frank 🙂

  2. Thanks for the being one of the best unofficial League members. Allsion and I will try to make you proud.

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