Good Times w/ Friends In Charlotte, NC

Tonight, 10 friends cruised up the map to the Verizon Amphitheater in Charlotte, NC. First and foremost, lets get clear on one thing: it was hot.

Second, the reason I’m using the pic above is because by the time I got everything straight with work, my phone’s battery was done. With no phone, I couldn’t take any pics so I swiped this pic from Facebook of Townes and her new striped twinkie/bestie. If you’re wondering, that’s the lead singer from TRAIN… not her husband Stephen.

Other than it being dripping hot, it was a good show. TRAIN came out first, and got the crowd goin’ pretty good. I have to admit, if a member of TRAIN hit me in the melon with a can of Red Bull, I wouldn’t know who they were. I know so little, in fact, that when a friend emailed a joke about “Meet Virginia” earlier today, I didn’t get it at all… until they sang the pretty popular tune. Have to admit, felt like a stupe.

Maroon 5 came out next. My knowledge of the group is about the same as TRAIN, although I did recognize more of TRAIN’s stuff. Either way, Maroon 5 was good, too. Both lead singers were pretty entertaining.

Charlotte’s Verizon Amphitheater is an impressive venue. Of course it was hot tonight, but this place is clean and sports individual seating with wide aisles, a large common area to hang out and eat/drink in, and ample parking just across the street. Obviously, I have no idea what an amphitheater like this would cost to build, but this model would be a pretty cool addition to Columbia, SC.

It was a great show, and a great time was had by all. Even though it’s late, I’m glad we returned tonight because waking up in a hotel room on a weeknight so close to the office (but so far away), may put me over the edge.

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