Gamecocks + Verizon = iPhone Sales

Apple and Verizon Consider iPhone Deal

If Verizon gets a chance to carry the popular iPhone it will be a big deal for Columbia, SC. As Verizon Wireless is the official wireless carrier of the USC Gamecocks, it’s the very dominant choice among our circle of friends. Enter the “big deal” in Columbia.

Being a Realtor I carry the Palm Centro. Palm products have long been Realtor friendly as we use them to open lockboxes with their infrared abilities. As a Verizon subscriber, I may have to switch phones anyway.
As for Blackberry, we all know it’s the undisputed king of email. While I know most blackberry owners love their phones, I’m not sure the email advantage is going to be enough.

With all of the social networking going on (Facebook & Twitter) combined with the sheer number of users, the iPhone may take the midlands by storm. The device just makes it too cool to surf the Internet.

As this could be a huge deal for Apple, Verizon and the midlands of South Carolina…it’s a huge punch in the gut for AT&T.


  1. that’s a proposal for 2010. cdma iphone already exists in Europe and does quite well

  2. Brad Holt says

    The Blackberry Storm is a worthy competitor to the iPhone. I’m not saying it’s better, but the Storm combined with it’s new app store is closing what was a considerable gap in the touch phone market. So, Blackberry is about much more than email these days… if you have the right phone.

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