Fun Times @ Za’s! Nice, Timehop.

TimehopThursday morning Amanda sent her sister and me the pic above. What some may think is a weird Facebook post, and given the sequence of our relationship, Amanda may think is a cheesy blog post, I take a different route. I think it’s a pretty cool snapshot of what turned into a life-changing, Downtown Columbia market shifting event.

Here’s the scene; We’re all at Za’s Brick Oven Pizza. As a reminder, Za’s was packed on Thursday nights. Slam packed. That said, I was there. It was fun!!

Fast forward a few years into our Za’s days and along came Facebook. Well, as you may remember from posts on my first blog platform (on, as far as Realtors were concerned, I was ahead of the game. First to blog, first on Facebook, first to Tweet. You see what I’m getting at. Well, at the time, I didn’t want other Realtors knowing what I was doing. My remedy? I didn’t friend any Realtors on my Facebook page. None. It became a personal, zero tolerance policy.

I took some heat for my Facebook policy. I didn’t care. I was doing my thing and it was working, so that was that. If I didn’t know you, I wouldn’t friend you, and if you were a Realtor, I just couldn’t do it.

Fast forward a bit and a couple of female Prudential Realtors got in my face about it….at Za’s. I can’t remember if it was Amanda or her former teammate, Jennifer Drozdak Stivers, who proclaimed rather loudly, “Oh yeah and we’re going to start a ‘Do not be friends with Franklin Jones’ Facebook page!” Ummmm…OK. What?

Two years later Amanda and I and are the #1 Team in the Midlands. Now we’re all in together with our Junior League partnership, hosting F|A  and New Years Eve parties, tailgating under the F|A tent, and buying buildings together. Now we’re bringing the #1 real estate franchise in the world (125,000+ Realtors) to the Downtown Columbia, SC marketplace

The reason for this post is TimeHop reminded me of where we were seven years ago, so I had to type about it. Seven years!? What a fun ride, and good relationship.

The behind the scene story may be that Amanda’s sister, Katie, got in her ear saying, “Y’all were mean to that guy.” I didn’t know her, and she didn’t know me. I have no idea what Amanda said back, and kinda don’t care. :-O  Thank you, Katie!

I have the best job in the world, and I love it. Sharing it makes it that much better.

The Za’s memory was there, but thanks to Facebook for sending Amanda the reminder. Good stuff…




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