Fun, Laid Back Holiday With Friends

While much of our population celebrated the 4th on the coast, downtown Columbia, SC, was a very sleepy town. Given that our favorite beaches are only a couple of hours away, I can’t blame those who traveled one bit. That said, we had a big time celebrating the long weekend right here.

Coincidentally, my birthday fits in nicely the day before the 4th. What does this mean?? Not tooo much, other than I got to sleep late, watch the Wimbledon Finals, play a set of tennis in beat down heat, and grab an extra Sunday nap. Perfect day? Could be!

Facebook added to the birthday experience, in a big way. Now that I carry an iPhone, the amount of “alerts” was overwhelming. It was buzzing so rapidly that I slept with it under my chest, as to not wake Jennifer. Why didn’t I turn it off, you ask? Not sure… but that’s how it went down. #stupe

In all, this weekend was awesome. We celebrated Sunday at the Hairston residence (kid pic above), with ribs and fireworks and then again tonight with burgers and friends at the King’s Grant pool, which was packed with kids.

We all love the beach on the holidays, and can’t get there enough. That said, it’s fun too, to kick up, lay low and enjoy a lazy weekend with family and friends.


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