From Season To Session… Welcome Back!

Out with the Cocks and Tigers. Here come the mules and the only mammals on earth that can’t jump….

We had a great time watching football season this year, and a big time following our Gamecocks (uh, sort of). Now it’s time for the “State House Season” to begin. In August, we go around town asking, “Are you ready for football season?” In January, we ask, “Are you ready for session?” Ready or not, the South Carolina legislature is “In Session.”

In the morning, the “teams” will start butting heads and cutting deals. Political parties, caucuses and interest groups will go at it like bulls, bears, elephants and mules as they build coalitions and/or gut one another for their claims for attention, personal causes and money.

Will R’s prevail? Will D’s? Will private schools feel like winners this year? Is this the year the tobacco lobby falls to a higher tax, in the name of a 3 to 1 federal match? Perhaps not. Is ’08 the year for small business tax breaks, or tax hikes? If hikes, who’s going to get the money? If breaks, who takes the hit? We’ll see.

Whether you like big time college football or a downright nasty soap opera, South Carolina’s political season is always a doozy.

To be sure, our system is not perfect. However, it is the system that we live under. Having said this, I hope that everyone will get informed and be involved as much as they can. If for nothing else, we will try to find ourselves living in a more perfect South Carolina.
Any Columbia, SC homeowner should take note…

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