Friendly Competitor Shares A Birthday

For obvious reasons, it’s not often I type about my friendly competitors…especially if they work with a competitor’s brand. Tonight, however, I was so humbled to be a part of a fellow Realtor’s birthday party, I just can’t help myself.

This week fellow Realtor, Stephen McCardle, turned 50 years young. To be clear, I had no idea Stephen was even close to 50, as he looks younger than my 38! :

Since I don’t have any Realtor friends on the ‘birthday blitz’ we know as Facebook, I need to start off by saying, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!” Second, but more importantly, I need to report how flattered I was to be invited to Stephen’s affair. The gorgeous house on Portobello was packed, and the party food was serious. In short, I was ecstatic to be in attendance.

Stephen is a staple of the downtown real estate industry. Although we’ve never done a deal together, we run into each other quite often. We seem to attend the same Agent Open Houses, which gives us a chance to visit and kick thoughts off of one another. I value his positive attitude and in some facets of the industry, hope to emulate his work ethic. Apparently, Stephen is a beast when it comes to calling/working “Expired” and “Withdrawn” listings.

As most of you know, I usually use my Monday posts to throw out a new HotSheet, a good political/Gamecock diddy, or to feature a good new listing. After all, for whatever reason, Mondays fetch my biggest click count. That said, I was so humbled to be invited to Stephen’s birthday party, I simply felt compelled to type a few paragraphs.

Congrats and great job, Stephen McCardle. Now….let’s do a deal, friend. We’re overdue!!!

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