Creme Puff @ Forest Hills!

Check it out! The “Flower Box House” in Forest Hills is on the market for sale!

If you follow this blog you will probably be familiar with the term, “The Flower Box House.” A few years ago my buddy, Wes Ellison, turned a tired and worn house into a stellar, modern home. He and his wife added flower boxes to the street visible windows and somehow they had them overflowing with life and color. When I listed it the first time I coined it The Flower Box House and people loved it. I’ve even heard someone say, “You know the Flower Box House, it’s next to the Robot House.”

I’ve had a lot of fun with it…

This is an awesome listing. It has what everyone wants; a sharp kitchen and a stellar master. The open floor plan is ideal for parties and three full baths are always a big deal.

If you or anyone you know would like to know more about this Forest Hills Crème Puff, please call 803-220-4447 or email,, or  The home is a pleasure to show and we’re always nearby as the house is only minutes to anywhere Downtown or Forest Acres.

Thank you!

Franklin Jones

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