For Me… Breast Cancer is Personal

Get In The Pink’ is This Weekend!!!!!!!!
Even if only one of your family members can attend…Come join the fun!
As many of you know, breast cancer is a big deal to me. This family ripping disease struck my late wife,Kinsey Black Jones, when she was only in her 20’s.

After fighting the disease for years, Kinsey was taken from us one day after her 30th birthday. We were married 11 months.

To make matters worse, Kinsey’s breast cancer actually metastasized to her liver after becoming pregnant. I was 28. You get the picture. :/

Other great causes have been created for people that we love. Share Our Suzy (SOS) is a wonderful example in honor of our late friend Suzy McGrane. Suzy was a loving help to the Black family and me during our four month stay in the hospital.

Now Jackie Scott Howie, owner of Kick’s Exceptional Shoes, has taken upon herself to introduce “Get In The Pink,” in honor and memory of her friends that have been affected by this awful disease.

There are 3 fun events on Saturday. You need to participate in at least one! You can get any information about the events at . As I know I’m not prepared to run 10K, I’ll be there helping anyway I can.

Thank you for anything you can attend on Saturday. I’m sure I’ll see you there…as we fight harder for a cure.

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