Florida GOP Is Diluting Itself…..IMO

In an effort to feel more important, Florida Republicans are desperately trying to move ahead of South Carolina, as the ‘First in the South’ primary date. If you’re even a little “political,” you know that the great state of Florida is attempting to ‘move up’ its Republican event to a January date.

On the surface, this seems like a perfect marketing/PR move. Breaking the thin layer of the shiny grapefruit, however, exposes the bitter taste of what’s really there.

1) In politics, a week is a lifetime. Think of it. One segment on Meet The Press, Newt Gingrich is “done.” Michelle Bachmann won the front-runner position after the Iowa Straw Poll, and presently doesn’t matter (and neither does the Iowa Straw Poll). Today, front-runner Rick Perry has been exposed for having a hunt club/camp (or whatever it is) named something pretty terrible. To be sure, a shift is on the way.

The stock market, Congressional climate, entire American economy, oil/gold prices, and everything else in the world can change, change back, and change back again in a few months time. In short, the candidates and the world around them, and how they react to the world, are continually evolving. That said, while the world rotates, Florida’s votes will have been cast, with old news being the factor.

2) Florida holds a beastly amount of votes. While Florida jostles to be first, it does so at the peril of half their power. The RNC has threatened to strip Florida of half their votes if they decide to go against Party rules. Apparently, Florida R’s don’t care.

3) This seems to be an example of, “It’s more about us, not country.” Am I too naive or sanctimonious to think everyone else doesn’t do it? No. I’m simply saying this is another example of it. Doesn’t feel very Tea Party’ish.

Sure, the candidates, their staff, and the press will flock to the Florida sunshine and spend money on hamburgers, vodka, and hotel rooms. That said, these folks will come and go in swift fashion and then forget about Boca, Orlando, and Tallahassee. Will it be worth it? For an economy as big as Florida’s, I don’t think so. In my bias, Florida would be better served swinging its elbows in the heat of the campaign, not on the front end only to be forgotten about.

Being a South Carolinian, I may be typing with a little bias. With this in mind, I have to remind folks that South Carolina is a better microcosm of the true South, with far less electoral power. The difference between Florida being first, and South Carolina being first, is an entirely different thing. Florida being first is a waste of Florida’s population power, especially with the penalty coming from the RNC (50%). Conversely, it’s a big deal for the Palmetto State.

So brothers and sisters of Florida, you want to break rank and be first? Go ahead. Have fun for a couple of weeks. Have fun, too, being irrelevant for the rest of the primary season.

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