‘Hiking’ Through Pipes w/ FJ…


While I usually have a handle on what posts are rather popular, sometimes I’m surprised by the conversation and feedback I get around town. Enter the blog post below and the pics above.. I can’t remember the last time I’ve been stopped so many times about a blog post answering questions like, “Hey, where are those pipes you’re talking about?” Even this afternoon, I was asked twice about my hike with Finley through the pipes. This all said, and interestingly enough, I didn’t “post” this “post” to Facebook. Well I have now!

To answer the question –  If you jump in the creek from anywhere near Oakman West and head upstream, you’ll hit the tunnels and pop out on the other side of Hamptonwood Way. There you go!  🙂


This weekend I had one of my, “What the heck?” moments and took my five year old hiking through some neighborhood woodlands.

In the middle of a morning cart ride we decided to stop and tromp around a vacant lot at the back of the neighborhood (building has begun, by the way). After seeing some deer and raccoon tracks, we decided to go further. When we came to the creek, we had a decision to make. Even though we were both in flip-flops/sandals, we decided to press on, and our first creek walk was underway.

Finley and I decided to go against the trickling current, battling the cold water and slight uphill terrain. 🙂 We persevered to a tunnel. Do we turn back? Hmm.. Is this what princesses do? After a high five and a fist bump we decided to press on. We decided this is what “some” princesses would do if they’d “be brave and bold and try hard.” (We used to crawl on our bellies with our elbows through the 2′ pipes on Springdale Rd. in Anderson, SC. In my mind, this couldn’t have been a big whoop). We made our way to the other side arriving in the middle of the adjacent neighborhood, and traveled back the way we came. Don’t let the pics fool you. Many times she was thigh deep in the creek.

The full and bigger pic is that I found Finley and me in a low risk, fun situation. That said, from her prism it was an exciting, awesome adventure! Now we know princesses can do more than they thought they could, and I have another dad moment.

I may or may not have gotten some flack about the shoes Finley wore in the sandy/muddy/cruddy creek. I understand!..but I wouldn’t trade that hour or two with my girl for any pair of her shoes.

Given that experience and a good Open House, it was an awesome day!



  1. Hi franklin. Thanks for giving the criminals the pathway into our high security neighborhood. We are all doomed now and should hire 24/7 security, armed guards and razor wire to protect ourselves.

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