Finley Sparks Jones Makes Her Debut

First Family Vacation – Taylor and Marion St.
Sweet Finley arrived August 21, 2009. At birth she weighed 7 lbs 3 ounces, measured 20.25 inches and had a head full of hair.

As most of my friends know I’ve never experienced the birth process before. Well, I have now! Not one of you told me I had to participate!!!

After a perfect pregnancy we ran into a small snag at the very end. During labor, it was determined pretty late that Finley was turned the wrong way. To make matters a little more difficult, her hand was next to her head. She was stuck, big time. Finally, the doctor suctioned her out and little Finley began life with a nice cone head!

We couldn’t be a happier little family! So far, daddy is her favorite. 😉


  1. Beautiful! Jenna looks so happy and Finley is so cute! Loves her daddy already I see. Congrats!

  2. Congrats Dad!!! We are so glad to hear that all went well. We will keep you all in our thoughts and prayers and baby and Mom are doing well.

    Robert and Rachel Sanders

  3. OMG! Totally teary eyed! I can't think of anyone who deserves this miracle more than the two of you! Finley is breathtaking as i knew she would be. I love her name too. Dang! Glad Sparkie and I put a hold on lunch plans bc i have a feeling i might of seen more than i bargained for. Give Finley Jones and Sparkie hugs for me and def take one for yourself. See you three next week. Note to Finely: Welcome to the best girls golf group ever created. 'SeaDonks' kick it! LOL. Can't wait to babysit. Let me know if i can run errands for y'all, bring food, walk sweetie (if she doesn't bite me) or anything else. SO EXCITED! CONGRATS!!

  4. She is absolutely gorgeous and I LOVE her name!! Congrats to both of you!! What a special time this is going to be for you…enjoy every moment.

  5. Thanks for the kind words! I'm sorry I haven't responded by now but I must admit it's tough to get to a computer. By the time I get to one, someone walks in before I can type a thought!

    I'll keep the pics coming and once again…THANK YOU!! Finley and mamma are doing great!

  6. Nicole Foltz Nicandro says

    Congratulations on your sweet girl. There is nothing like a daddy and his little girl.Your wife looks beautiful, I know being pregnant is no easy task after having two of my own.

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