Finding Ourselves On The Quiet Island

Great Time With Friends & Fam At Edisto Beach, SC At one of the latest Junior League events, three of us went in and bid on a vacation at Edisto beach. Well, we won!

Actually, the prize we bid on was a full week at the beach. Of course, given that I’m slammed doing the Realtor thing, combined with the fact that Jennifer’s job is at its peek intensity as the state house is in session, we were only able to go for three nights of the available seven. Some of me thinks this short stint was a blessing in disguise, however, as we were without wireless service the whole time. UUUGGGHHH!!!! This is why I haven’t blogged in almost a week. :/ #painful

Even though I’m a native Sandlapper, I’m rather embarrassed to type that I’ve never been to Edisto. Just as Edisto’s reputation projects, it’s a relaxed atmosphere whereas the clock spins without much regard (unless you have a tee-time, of course).

Pic 1 is Friday morning at the beach. The kids got along great, and I’m still a little sore from digging holes for them to jump in. Pic 2 is from when Jennifer and I hauled (rode bikes) Landon and Finley across the island and stopped for a drink at The Thirsty Fish. Pineapple juice & Shirley Temples for everyone!!!…and yes, I got the T-Shirt. Pic 3 is Jennifer watching the sunset while playing “Angry Birds.” HA!!!! Just kidding. I think she’s watching video of Finley on the beach. Pic 4 is when we took the bikes and golf cart to the edge of the island to watch the dolphins pop up. I have to admit, it was pretty cool….and the kids loved “calling them in.”

Thanks to the JLC, and the owners of the house we were in. No doubt about it, Edisto is a good laid back place to hang out (herding kids, notwithstanding). We’ll be back early, and hopefully often.


  1. Please tell me you weren't there this past weekend. I was there too and had I known I would have stopped by for a visit. Nuts!

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