Finally Chose Droid Thunderbolt. #But

For a little while, Amy (my asst/team manager) and I were Palm users. Last summer, however, we finally made the incredibly difficult decision to switch products. We went with Blackberry. As Droids became mainstream, and as cool as iPhones looked, I just felt like Blackberry was the more solid way to go. After all, every time I’d dine with friends, the table would be lined with Blackberries.

Mom hitting the hospital was a turning point. Given the speed of Blackberry (or lack thereof), I was determined to switch products before I left Columbia to be with her.

Now, for my “Aa Ha! moment.” While I used Blackberry for communication, and carried an iTouch around the house, I found myself using Jennifer’s Droid because of the screen size. Quite simply, it was easier on the eyes and more enjoyable to navigate. She has the Droid X.

Enter, Droid’s Thunderbolt. Droids Thunderbolt is “4G,” and sports a huge screen. Perfect! I was a Thunderbolt owner, the day I visited Mom. Good product… but hold the phone.

After a few days, the first Thunderbolt crapped out on me. A simple trip to Verizon, and a new Thunderbolt was in hand. Ok, fine. Fast forward a few days to my attempt to download the MLS app for lockbox capability. No dice. Obviously, this is a big whoop.

So, after another (4th trip by now) and hours dealing with this, I decided to stop the madness, and “give in” to the iPhone. Ummm… Hello world.

I have no idea why I’ve fought against the iPhone all this time. I knew all along it’s a perfect device. ALL ALONG I knew this, but still resisted. For some reason, I felt almost determined to buck Apple. I was the loser, until today.

Even though I’ve carried the iTouch around the house for months, I still can’t get enough of my new iPhone. Everything on this device is seamless, and butter smooth. I pretty much can’t put the thing down. Quick parallel: Droid is to MySpace, as iPhone is to Facebook. Droid has apps coming from everywhere, and is overwhelmingly customizable. iPhone is what it presents, and that’s that. If you like it, it LOVES you. Hence, you love it back.

For whatever it’s worth, here ya go. As business(y) and “black and white” as Blackberry is, for now, it’s not even in the same product category as Droid and/or iPhone. That said, I gave all I had to the Droid (14 Day trial, w/ a $35 restocking fee), but it just couldn’t give back what I needed. iPhone keeps giving, smoothly and exponentially.

In short, fight and squirm all you can (14 day, $35 restocking fee). Oddly, I can relate. This typed… See you in the iWorld, sooner or later.

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