FBC Dedication Sunday @ ‘The Twinks.’

TwinksFBCThis morning was super hectic and very awesome. While it was a picture perfect Mother’s Day for moms everywhere, this morning was ‘Dedication Sunday’ for our twins, Ivey and Nora, at First Baptist Church of Columbia, South Carolina. The photo above was taken just before we were about to take the stage.

I have to admit I was a little worried about the scene. After all, FBC Columbia is a three story, cavernous venue that could intimidate anyone. That said, our four year old and ‘the twinks’ did a fine job.

After church we all made our way to the house for a big lunch. For some folks these events can be important and precious moments for everyone involved. In our case, my brother, sister, and I are products of a divorced family. Fast forward a few years, and all the sudden your mom and dad’s families are forced together at family weddings and funerals. As many of us know, it can be awkward at times, but we make it work. Morph into parenthood, and all the sudden we’re a big, extended family rotating babies around the room.

If you ask my wife I think she’d say today was a great day. The church dedication service went off without a hitch, and the luncheon afterwards at the new house was seamless. In short, I think Jennifer had an eventful and memorable Mother’s Day.

The only downside to being part of the program of a large church is that we didn’t get to stick around for the music of the day, or Dr. Estep’s message. I suppose it’s a small price to pay for being part of a huge church and super tight timeline. #WorthIt

Thank you!

Franklin Jones

PS: Of all the pics we took today the image above is the only one we grabbed with my iPhone…so I went with it.


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