Fun Family Weekend @ Upstate, S.C.

Since we had such a good time in Charleston last weekend (minus the jellyfish), this weekend we decided to visit family in the Upstate of South Carolina. 

As we entered Anderson, SC, the first thing we noticed was the new school on Highway 81.   HUGE!  The second, and perhaps more important, is there’s now a Starbucks Coffee Company Store in Anderson, South Carolina.  I know it took forever, but I can’t fight it anymore.  The store is right there on Clemson Blvd.  I saw it, and it was a glorious sight!

After a great time with family at “Mimi’s” house on Whitehall Rd., we decided to spend the Saturday night in Greenville.  Once again, downtown Greenville delivered. 

Here’s the scene.  After getting settled at The Hampton Inn, we all decide to take a walk.  It was 10:15PM and we were strolling around Main Street with a three year old…with no problem.  

I don’t mean to over do it, but this is a testament to downtown Greenville.  We strolled, ran, held hands, walked across bridges, looked at waterfalls, and yelled under tunnels.  I think we walked up to no less than four weddings, of which, Finley decided to crash by dancing and bobbing to the beats while waving to guests. 

Greenville has uniquely positioned itself to produce such a venue.  I can’t think of any other South Carolina city that can boast this atmosphere.  Don’t get me wrong, Charleston has it’s awesomness, and we all love Columbia, SC, but downtown Greenville has it’s own knack of things.

The pics above are the vantage point from just under an elevated deck from our friends at Coldwell Banker – Caine.  Jealous!… for two reasons.  1) I’m a venue guy, and I’d love this view from my office every day.  I didn’t have my “fish-eye” lens today, which would have done the view better justice.  Even so, you get the idea. 2) If my office was this close to everything going on like our friends at “Caine,” my network-o-meter might break off the hinge.

In short, Coldwell Banker-Caine’s office has a beautiful, prime location.  As we stood under their deck, Jennifer even asked, “Do you think you could get a job there?”  Ha! 

After leaving GVegas’s Starbucks with a Venti Double-Shot, we made our way to Clinton for a late lunch at Jennifer’s parents house.  Yum!

In all, we had a great time in South Carolina’s Upstate.  We don’t go often enough, and each time we visit has us chomping to get back.  Growing up in Anderson, SC, I would’ve never thought Greenville, SC would become a “destination” type city.  I was wrong.

Once again, WELL DONE, @ downtown Greenville, SC!

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