Eight Columbia Moms Go Wheels Up!!!

Moms Head to Bahamas Beach Club – Treasure Cay

At 8:20 Tuesday morning a great group of friends went “Wheels Up” and made their way to the Bahamas for an awesome five day trip. In my opinion, these women (some of my favorite people in the world) deserve a relaxing detox from the daily Columbia, SC scene.
Getting prepared for the trip became quite an event for Jenna and I as our pediatrician prescribed tubes to be placed in our baby’s ears the same morning. To say the least I’m pretty exhausted from today’s 5:30 wake up call. Thankfully, the timing ended up being perfect for Jenna as Finley was in and out of surgery with about 2 minutes to spare for her to make the flight.

As the only ‘new mother’ in the group, the trip became a little bit of a big deal for my baby’s momma. It was a big step for her to be away from Finley for a full five days but I’m proud of her for getting on the plane. Apparently, the rest of the vacation-goers were taking bets on whether Jenna would actually board the plane. I’m glad she did as Jenna needed some days off from her perfect mother management style. Further, it made me feel good that she had confidence in me that Finley and I would be A-Ok for a few days while she was gone.

I’ve got great help though as my parents have been here since Monday and her mom is coming to help Wednesday morning.

Have fun girls and soak it all in! The kids are fine and I already miss seeing all of you in Shandon and King’s Grant.

P.S. I bought about 100 Starbucks VIA’s for y’all to enjoy but my sweet wife (who doesn’t drink Starbucks) left them on the kitchen counter! :/


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