For Me, Weekends Are Now A Big Deal…

TwinksBumbosAs a Realtor, the difference between weekdays and weekends used to be pretty seamless. If you think about it, with all the weekend showings and open houses, it pretty much never stops. Now that we have baby twins to go along with our uber social four year old, however, the discrepancy is tremendous. The lack of structure of Saturdays and Sundays make for a scheduling mess of chaos, big time.

For example, when Jennifer ‘goes to the store’ on the weekends, it means that I’m on all out daddy duty for a couple of hours, at least. #AtLeast! The pic above is of the twinks on our front porch overlooking bypassing traffic and older girls riding their Blade kick & goes and Ziggles. To folks riding by it may look funny from the top of the cul de sac, but dang if it worked like a charm.

Getting back to Jennifer, I’m starting to think ‘going to the store’ is code for ‘I’m jumping out of this joint for as long as Franklin will buy it.’ Shoot, ‘going to the store’ seems to take so long I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s really taking a nap in a friend’s guest room. Do I blame her? Um, no. After all, she entertains these little rock stars five days a week straight.

While Jen was gone and Finley and I kicked the soccer ball around ‘the sisters,’ we got a fair share of waves and honks from passers by. With each honk I didn’t know whether to be embarrassed or wave with pride. I was cool with either one, and practiced both.

To note, I didn’t take the photo above. Thank you, Michael and Mundi. These two noticed the scene from the top of the street and stopped to photograph the girls. Of course, Jen got the TXT while she was ‘shopping.’ #escaping

Other than all that pollen on the porch, it was a good day.


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