Vote Daniel Rickenmann For Mayor!

Let’s get out and vote for Daniel Rickenmann!

I’ll keep this short. Remember, MoMo’s Bistro on Devine? Remember The Filling Station? Remember the super popular Bird’s On A Wire (especially when it was where Burger 77 is now)? That’s Daniel Rickenmann!

Daniel has been an entrepreneur his whole adult life and provided lots of jobs throughout the years and his amazingly awesome wife has been my kid’s pediatrician since our first was born.

Daniel, Laura, Jennifer, and I have been friends for years and I’ve always enjoyed their company. Daniel is a doer with vision and if we’re going to keep pace with our neighbors, Greenville/Charleston/Charlotte, Daniel is the best candidate, IMO, to get us there.

I typed that I would keep it short so Let’s Go Vote For Daniel for Mayor of Columbia, SC!

Thank you!

Franklin Jones


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