Cool Boat Ramp Only 5-15 Minutes Away From Columbia Neighborhoods

Congaree Access At The End Of Rosewood Dr…
If anyone in town wants to go fishing, but doesn’t want to hassle with driving to Lake Murray or Lake Wateree, this little well kept secret is perfect. If you aren’t from Columbia, you probably don’t know that there is a great boat ramp at the end of Rosewood Drive. That’s right. There is a perfectly good river access point that sits 3 minutes from Shandon, Wales Garden and Rosewood.

After about five hours looking for a dinky engine part for the jon boat, we found ourselves PADDLING in the middle of the Congaree River. We threw our lines in the water for about two hours, only to catch a backache and sore butt cheeks. It was a good time though…

On Sunday night, we decided to hit the dock at the same ramp for some midnight catfishin’. It was packed with people. There was a campfire to the left, and a little girl in a sleeping bag to the right. No one had caught anything all night until my brother threw his bait in the water. He caught a nice cat on his second cast. The folks around us were pleasant, but miffed. Nothin’ like a slimy river-cat, chompin on drippin chicken liver in the middle of the night. Note; We don’t wrap our livers in panty hose. Our livers soak in the nude….

A good time was had by all. I just wanted readers to know that they can be cruisin’ the Congaree in 5 -15 minutes, from anywhere in downtown Columbia.


  1. My brother and his friends took a boat from Charleston to Columbia, took the boat out of the water here, and went directly to a USC football game. Of course the game was at night because it takes about 6-7 hours to boat to Columbia from Charleston. Can you imagine the fun tailgating on that ride?

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