Consultant Diagnosed w/ Brain Tumor

As a political consultant and a newspaper publisher, I’m familiar with “spin”… but there’s not really much way to spin this: A few days ago, tests revealed I have a cancerous brain tumor”. Rod Shealy

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Updates on Rod Shealy (written by his son at, )
8/6/08: Surgery has now been set for Monday.

8/5/08: The news from MUSC today was good regarding my dad. The tumor is operable, and there does NOT appear to be any recurrence of melanoma from his 1983 melanoma. Although there is no firm time and date, as of now, there is likely to be an operation scheduled in the next few days, possibly as early as this Saturday. The operation will occur at MUSC in Charleston.

Thank you for your prayers.

The Shealy Family

As a brand new Realtor, Rod sold me an ad in his then popular 20/20 Magazine (a freebie paper, in thousands of locations in the midlands), while having lunch at Mr. Friendly’s. As lunch went on, he became fascinated by the story of my late wife, and how we turned our terrible time in the hospital, into (of all things) a decorative mailbox flag business.

The next thing I knew, Rod had me on the cover of 20/20 with two other entreprenuers. During the “photo-shoot,” he told me where to stand (in front of a mailbox of course), and helped me fan out about 15 different flags in my hands. It was hot as hell, but we had fun.

Inside his magazine had my very first ad as a Realtor (1/16 of a page, I think), while the cover had a piece of my immediate past. There’s no telling how Rod’s cover may have jump started my real estate career.

I’m glad he seems to be in such good spirits. Get back to Columbia soon, Rod!

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