Columbia, S.C. Ranks in Top 25

USC Not Ranked; Columbia Breaks Top 25.

Whether it’s in Starbucks, Mr. Friendly’s or over email, I’m regularly asked…”How’s the market?” I almost always respond (shaking my head slowly, and pulling my hands off of my hips), “We’re doing fine. We’re doing regular business.”
In it’s November ’08 issue, Smart Money Magazine (a Wall Street Journal Publication) focuses on 25 markets that are doing just fine, or ready to rebound.

The Headline reads; “HOME PRICES: NOW FOR THE GOOD NEWS.” This is great news for Columbia residents. The chart above points out that our 5 yr. price change is up 27.9%, and that our YTD Price Change is 1.7%. Notice that neither number has a (-) in front of it, nor is either number red in color.

The captions above are hard to decipher, but in the far right it speaks to Columbia’s strong points. It reads; “Columbia, SC – Military, state government and university workers mix with an influx of retirees.” I’ve probably blogged about this subject no less than 5 times. I’ve even received the nice comment, “Boooring.” Nevertheless, if you’re a seller in today’s market, this is good stuff.

I realize that there are tons of FOR SALE signs out there. I also realize many Realtors are getting out of the business, because production is lacking. I also know some Realtors are having banner years, and that I am on pace to close 50 (+/-) homes this year.

Keep it up Columbia. “We don’t boom, but we don’t bust,” is not just a spin job cliche. It’s nice to see a national publication hand pick our market, as one that’s holding steady.

If anyone at The State Newspaper is reading this, and would like to discuss this positive opportunity, I can be reached at 758.1669 or

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