Coastal Carolina University; NCAA Champs.

CWS Finals BaseballBefore I typed too much about Coastal Carolina’s awesome new NCAA National Championship trophy tonight, I had to fully explore what I was about to do. Naturally, I asked Google, because it seems to know stuff.

“Bandwagon Fan

Most common in sports, a bandwagon fan is a fan of a team simply because they are the reigning champions/have the most championships/doing the best at the moment.”

Mmmm, while this isn’t totally accurate regarding what’s going on, it’s probably what I’ll be accused of, and I get it. That said, here’s how it went down in our micro-world.

We started ‘watching’ the game via Twitter in the 6th inning. By the seventh inning most of the team had disbursed for duties around Columbia. Amy and I were left alone at the office, where she finally picked up the feed on her laptop. Well, I pulled a chair around and we watched the end of the game and it was intense and it was awesome.

By the bottom of the 8th inning I was out of my chair and swaying back and forth. By the time Arizona had some mojo at 4-3 with runners everywhere our eyes and fists were clinched in kung-fu grips and we were yelling at a computer.

Holy moly the tension for a team I’ve never cheered for and a school I’ve never seen. Amy and I have been through pretty much everything together and this was another ‘experience’ we can say we’ve shared. It was damn fun.

Congratulations to fellow Columbia Realtor Bill Beckwith and former Junior League of Columbia President Elizabeth Beckwith. Their son is a star pitcher and the MVP of the CWS. I know they are flowing with pride right now!

Well done, Coastal Carolina University! Wow.

Franklin Jones

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