Check What Sold On Your Street!

Below is a list of the latest property transfers as reported by The State Newspaper.

As you can see, the list is by county, zip code, then the street address of properties that have transferred.

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10254-10266 Two Notch Road 29229 from Two Notch Enterprises LLC to RJ Two Notch, LLC $9,118,980

58.96 acres +/- 29016 from Crickentree/Columbia, L.P. to GS Baymont, LLC $850,000

10 Cedarwood Lane 29205 from Edward W. Laney IV and Josephine F. Laney to Shannon S. Hope and Gretchen S. Hope $622,000

70 Cowdray Park 29223 from Helmut A. Albrecht and Gillian Scalici-Albrecht to Wayne Heuman and Heather Heuman $585,000

2328 Wilmot Avenue 29205 from Leif D. Anderson and Amy J. Anderson to Peter S. Carnohan $510,000


500 Knox Abbott Drive 29033 from VEREIT Real Estate, L.P. to PJ 827 Harrodsburg LLC and PJT 827 Harrodsburg, LLC $6,050,000

467 Greenetree Lane 29072 from Kevin B. Neuman and Debra A. Neuman to Shawn Gearheart and Ivana Gearheart $990,000

4.76 Acres Columbia Avenue at Ellett Road 29036 from W. Brinkley Melvin to P.A. Chapin, LLC $840,000

941 Battenkill Court 29072 from Michael C. Scherck and Lisa L. Scherck to Samuel G. Eubanks Jr. and Colleen K. Eubanks $670,900

206 Medical Drive 29169 from Betty S. B’Rells Revocable Trust and Gerald K. B’Rells Revocable Trust to M. A. Moustafa $600,000


2509 Main St. 29045 from Larry D. Branham to Palmetto State Rental Properties LLC $300,000

374 Wildwood Lane 29078 from Emily B. Thomas to Robert Jackson and Lynn Jackson $260,000

2105 Davie Lane 29020 from Ralph E. Sieber to Christopher Ervin and Stacie Ervin $220,000



58.96 acres +/- from Crickentree/Columbia, L.P. to GS Baymont LLC $850,000

419 Pine Knot Road from Mungo Homes Properties LLC to Yan Fang He and Hui Lin $319,976

129 Bay Wren Road from Brian Michael Keimach to Sandhya Rani Kottika and Thirupathi Pundra $270,000

1144 Grey Pine Drive from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Angelica Robinson $218,500

107 N. Firetower Court from Marion S. Rideoutte, Miriam S. Hollis and Estate of Jonnie S. Gillian to Ferdanand Whellings $214,500

500 Brody Park Road from Phillip Montgomery Leach to Steven C. Graham and Amy M. Graham $202,000

649 Grover Wilson Road from Kevin M. Burdick to Jorge Salgado and Norma J. Salgado $191,000

134 Potters View Road from Felicia M. White a/k/a Felicia Boles to Ashley Glivens $132,000


154 Lakeport Drive from Weichert Workforce Mobility, Inc. to Alexander J. Serkes and Alexa C. Serkes $409,900

1 Cypress Spring Court from Joseph T. Roof and Erin B. Roof to Jason M. Middlebrooks and Caroline Middlebrooks $309,000

380 Renoir Lane from Mungo Homes Properties, LLC to Robert J. McKown, Jr. and Patricia J. McKown $266,367

1113 Old Hilton Road from Robin M. Bohot n/k/a Robin Alexander to Chesnee L. Catoe $170,000


210 Stansill Road from Heath C. Lane and Valerie K. Lane to Jessica L. Kussro and Benjamin J. Kussro $249,900


300 Deer Crossing Road from Scott M. Bottar and Meredith Pate Bottar to Antonio F. Williams and Kimberly B. Williams $444,900

3 True Point Circle from Jefferie S. Ludwick and Carmela M. Ludwick to Brookfield Relocation, Inc. $436,500

3017 Cool Breeze Lane from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Michael D. Hill and Maya Simone $400,302

1296 Beechfern Circle from Jada M. Nowlin and Devin T. Nowlin to Sylvester Samuel and Sylvia Samuel $305,000

33 Corinth Court from Mungo Homes Properties, LLC to Bailey Alon Edwards $226,990

926 Tuxford Trail from Mungo Homes Properties, LLC to Brooke M. Thomas and Willie Cornell Thomas, Jr. $164,150


142 Myers Creek Drive from Calvin D. Jackson to Rodney O. Hartwell, Sr. $149,900

801 Quail Hills Drive from Robert Covington to Adrienna McFadden $119,000


100 Lookout Lane from Lizabeth L. Sutherland to John Wesley Wise $307,500

325 Poets Walk from Sandra L. Hawkins to Hayley Johnson $259,900

100 Wandering Brook Road from Velimira B. Jordanova and Anastasiya Stoyanova to Latane Gooding and Michael Gooding $165,000

304 Wharfsdale Road from Linda R. McCalister to Andrew Harper and Christina Harper $135,200

116 Riverwalk Court from Delia K. Heath to Theresa Doctor and Jihad A. Baith $127,500

109 Thornby Road from Ronald R. Labrecque and Judith R. Labrecque a/k/a Judith A. Labrecque to SFR JV-1 Property, LLC $120,000

142 Bradstone Road from Kelly M. Adams and Hayle L. Adams to SFR JV-1 Property, LLC $119,000

109 Sutton Way from Sunsetter Properties, LLC to Ryan Michael Lukshis $111,000


1273 McCords Ferry Road from Signal Homes, LLC to Latina Howell $140,000


2503 Park St. from Paul L. Reeves to Sheila M. Willis $389,575

1445 Shop Road from Holders of the Word Empowerment International First Mortgage Bonds to 1445 Shop Road, LLC $350,000

1713 Glenwood Road from Genevieve S. Johnson and Andrew Johnson to Joseph C. Bouknight $287,000

1929 Bluff Road, Unit 195 from Donald W. Tate and Anne J. Tate to Joe Brice Williamson Jr, Nancy J. Williamson, Evan B. Williamson and Lauren E. Williamson $188,500

1085 Shop Road, Unit 338 from Frances K. Able f/k/a Frances K. Taylor to Cameron Thomas Bare $149,000

3123 Park St. from David Glavach to Tami Michelle Hook and Jennifer McBroom $127,500


2619 Putnam St. from Benjamin T. Moser to Cameron E. Estes $145,000


10 Cedarwood Lane from Edward W. Laney, IV and Josephine F. Laney to Shannon S. Hope and Gretchen S. Hope $622,000

2328 Wilmot Avenue from Leif D. Anderson and Amy J. Anderson to Peter S. Carnohan $510,000

1222 Daly St. from Steven B. Wyrick and Monica T. Wyrick to Scott L. Harris and Chandler A. Harris $340,000

3312 Duncan Place from Todd Payne Nixon to Margaret L. Scalise and Marian W. Scalise $299,900

304 S. Prospect St. from Hinton Construction, Inc. to Todd M. Davis $299,000


4229 Willingham Drive from Estate of Marjorie Brunson Slice to Bowen Hipp Investments, LLC $267,336


15 Lord Nelson Court from William H. Edwards and Alison B. Edwards to Tyler Remaly and Kaitlyn Remaly $325,000

1026 Wordsworth Drive from Donald R. Weaver to Kelley Dunn $225,000

132 Hay Meadow Lane from Stephen M. Green and Kayla J. Green to Marcus Young $205,000

103 Beacons Field Road from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Malcolm Railey $197,553

274 King Charles Road from Leonard Robert Gardner, III to Zeid Keilani and Leighanne E. Keilani $171,000

100, 101 Promentory Road from Richard M. Quinn and Ruth L. Quinn to Wilson Co., LLC $140,000

2604 Pleasant Ridge Drive from Tidia C. Seymour and Ebony K. Huiett a/k/a Ebony Eaddy to Travis L. Myers and Erika Johana Velez Quesada $115,000


2520 Broad River Road from James A. Nunamaker, Samuel T. Nunamaker, Katherine N. Daniels a/k/a Katherine M. Daniels and Evelyn N. Whisnant a/k/a Evelyn J. Whisnant to C.K. Acquisitions, LLC $297,500

2516 Broad River Road from Rebecca L. Krantz RTA and Robert E. Long to C.K. Acquisitions, LLC $170,000

2508 Broad River Road from Linda N. Wolfertz to C.K. Acquisitions, LLC $170,000

1834 Koulter Drive from Ian W. McFarland to Richard A. Cooper $165,000

1605 Nunamaker Drive from Kathleen B. Dennis to Rae Allen Elizabeth Gaskin $112,999

123 Nobility Drive from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Marquel D. Parker $112,000


104 Sandstone Road from Reverse Mortgage Solutions, Inc. to Vladimir Barva and Liliya Barva $199,500


70 Cowdray Park from Helmut A. Albrecht and Gillian Scalici-Albrecht to Wayne Heuman and Heather Heuman $585,000

305 E. Springs Road from Craig T. Farley and Teresa J. Farley to Harvey L. Causey, III and Andrea Maloney Causey $455,000

109 Dibble Lane from Laura Callaway Hart and Edward G. Hart to Douglas R. Warrick III and Jessica M. Warrick $379,000

242 Hope Road from Earnest Rabon Rodgers Revocable Trust and Blondell J. Rodgers to Marvin D. Phipps and Judith K. Phipps $282,500

111 Peaceful Lane from Kenneth L. Elam and Nikia L. Elam to Melva Ashley Kennedy $147,000

21 Rosepine Drive from Karen C. Bayer and Keith W. Bayer to Thomas D. Jones and Vicki L. White $131,000

115 Summer Vale Drive from Timothy Heyward and Brandy Anderson Heyward to James Crosby, Jr. $127,000

1726 Cheltenham Lane from Xklusive Empire of K.T.S., LLC to Reginald S. Garvin, Jr. $121,000

143 Calloway Court from Warren J. Griffith and Angelika Griffith to Robert Lucero and Annastia Young $116,000

106 Gate Post Lane from Howard Dillon, Jr., Mattie L. Dillon and Kiera Dillon to Stacey L. Jefferson $113,000

613 Rockhaven Drive from Lavennia Jamison a/k/a Lavennia Robert and John Roberts to SFR JV-1 Property, LLC $100,000


10254-10266 Two Notch Road from Two Notch Enterprises, LLC to RJ Two Notch, LLC $9,118,980

237 Peninsula Way from Mungo Homes, Inc. D/B/A Sovereign Homes, LLC to Jose Luis Cazariego and Jessica Navarro Rivera $388,334

107 Arbor Place Drive from Allan J. Brown and Karen R. Brown to Christopher McCord and Sarah H. McCord $247,000

1021 Acacia Lane from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Daniel A. Mentzer $225,152

587 Teaberry Drive from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Larry M. Dishaw and Sandy Dishaw $209,558

510 Hogan’s Run Road from Eleanor B. Sidenberg to Lisa Korec $201,000

340 Ash Ridge Court from Jonathan G. Vallejo and Elmer C. Rojas n/k/a Elmer Vallejo to Ronald Michael Tunstall and Elmer Vallejo $191,000

204 Crest Haven Drive from Jerry Polland, Sr. to Curtis Anthony Bryant and Shannia Lucinda Bryant $190,000

109 Vineyards Crossing Court from Anthony O. Campbell and Cheryl A. Campbell to Denise Brown $182,000

21 Alison Way from Steven K. Berry to Yolanda Fleming $172,600

123 Oak Cove Drive from John M. Campolongo Jr. to Mounica Vinod Kuymar Narimalla $172,000

417 Kingston Trace Road from Harold J. Doctor Jr. and Lotria D. Doctor to Donell C. Griffin and Vanessa M. Griffin $170,000

227 Cherry Stone Drive from Keith C. Bivins and Jennifer Barsky Bivins a/k/a Jennifer M. Bivins` to Herman Lebray, Jr. and Stephanie I. Lebray $151,900

307 Hidden Pines Road from Vijayakumar S. Vemula and Madhuri Devi Vemula to Lavennia Goins Jamison $150,500

330 Green Rose Road from Dibo Properties, LLC to SFR JV-1 Property, LLC $142,500

449 White Cedar Drive from Shelby Anne Hurley f/k/a Shelby Anne Smith to Tamara McKie $141,000

106 Wild Fern Road from Corey A. Graham to Antonio Harris and Antoinette Harris $130,000

8 Founders Lake Court from Tonya E. Martin to Jonathan Butterfield $123,000

400 Castle Ridge Drive from Wanda R. Kerr to SFR JV-1 Property, LLC $122,000

304 Bally Bunion Lane from Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Pegasus Property Managements, LLC $119,910



500 Knox Abbott Drive from VEREIT Real Estate, L.P. to PJ 827 Harrodsburg, LLC and PJT 827 Harrodsburg, LLC $6,050,000

188 Eldon Drive from Farin L. Derrick and Linda L. Derrick to Matthew A. Delozier and Jacob D. Delozier $225,000

1142 Walter Price Drive from The Revealed Word Church to 1142 Walter Price Road, LLC $175,000

615-617, 621 Lexington Avenue from Harold L. Larimore, Lawrence Ray Larimore and Harold L. Larimore, Sr. to WSW Partners, LLC $158,000

2024 Picadilly Drive from Phetch, LLC to Bonnie Lou Johnson $120,000

1818 Cupstid St. from Michael F. Sonefeld to Samuel D. Baker, Jr. and Ashley Louise Baker $116,000

430 Naples Avenue from Teilah Charmaine Shirley to BTZ, LLC $110,000


4.76 Acres Columbia Avenue at Ellett Road from W. Brinkley Melvin to P.A. Chapin LLC $840,000

205 Limestone Road from Great Southern Homes Inc. to Albert Fulton III and Barbara Lynn Fulton $368,945

403 Woolbright Court from Fortress Homes, LLC to Mark Bell and Heather Bell $272,590

245 Lever Pass Road from D.R. Horton Inc. to Linda McCallister $260,050

769 Xander Way from Mungo Homes Properties LLC to William M. Newell Jr. and Suzanne Looney Newell $258,719

811 Summer Sands Court from Mungo Homes Properties LLC to Matthew Medlock $241,936

351 Amalfi Drive from Mungo Homes Properties LLC to David M. Carney and Joanne S. Carney $219,342

130 Elsoma Drive from Great Southern Homes Inc. to Nathan Collins Chapman and Sharon Garner Chapman $194,781

535 Connecticut Avenue from Great Southern Homes Inc. to Allen F. Martig and Carol W. Martig $191,789

168 Eagle Pointe Drive from Trevor D. Allen and Noelle R. Allen to John Frederick Fields, Denise Ann Fields and Deloris Onnley Haven $167,000

351 Primrose Lane from Herman P. Watts and Patricia K. Watts to Lizabeth L. Sutherland $135,000

#152 – 154, 157 from Estate of Regina B. Dyches to Mitul D. Gandhi $112,500


531 Lawndale Drive from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Olivia Shanta Lykes and Amos Andrew McKnight, Jr. $183,266

132 Battery Creek Drive from Howell Stephen Forgy to Gregorio Ortega, Wanda Torres DeOrtega and Yesenia Torres $175,000


109 Shull Fork Court from Albert T. Todd and Mary Anne A. Todd to Trace Stewart $199,150

120 Front St. from James N. Watkins, IV to Donna Dickason Buskirk $124,900


125-129 Thames Valley Court from Mindy A. Lewick, Brandon Lewick and Tomoko Lewick to Keenan J. Carroll $155,000

1319 Fork Avenue from David D. Abel and Evelyn S. Abel to Jose de Jesus Chevez $130,000

6 Castle Vale Circle from Greymorr Real Estate, LLC to Judith H. Strother $115,000


1540 Dog Leg Road from Elizabeth A. Florom to Benjamin W. Metts and Brianna E. Smith $179,500

1630 Dog Leg Road from Chester Kaminski to George Ralph Blackwell $133,000


467 Greenetree Lane from Kevin B. Neuman and Debra A. Neuman to Shawn Gearheart and Ivana Gearheart $990,000

941 Battenkill Court from Michael C. Scherck and Lisa L. Scherck to Samuel G. Eubanks Jr. and Colleen K. Eubanks $670,900

400 Bay Pointe from Robert C. Bridger II and Ashley E. Bridger to Alfred Dunn and Sara Louise Dunn $589,000

113 Sunningdale Drive from Scott M. Chamberlin and Hope Cross to David Braddy and Katie Braddy $450,000

220 Alston Circle from Samuel G. Eubanks Jr. and Colleen Eubanks to Bryan M. Fox and Tiffany Mitchell $410,000

308 Sterling Brook Drive from Mungo Homes Properties LLC to Todd W. Joyner and Kristen K. Joyner $379,275

108 Summer Gate Court from Gerald David Carter Jr. and Lacy L. Carter to Gregory S. Bingel and Marina Torzhkova George $374,900

311 Glengary Court from David Keith Bunch and Natalie S. Bunch to Brian Thomas Petrano $340,000

322 Clubside Drive from Julie Freeman and John Lee to Michael Wesley Hill and Chrisynda Robin Hill $326,000

215 Pewter Drive from William M. Culbreth and Patricia B. Culbreth to Christian P. Crenshaw and Michelle F. Crenshaw $315,000

518 Meadow Grass Lane from Stephen Skelton and Sarah Skelton to Gerald D. Carter Jr. and Lacy L. Carter $309,000

128 Shoal Creek Circle from Revocable Living Trust of Alexander W. Brown and Elizabeth B. Brown to Karla Lynn Sturkie $292,000

2809 Mineral Springs Drive from Bonnie B. Jumper to Julius D. Griggs and Alma J. Griggs $292,000

116 Fitzwarin Court from Mungo Homes Properties LLC to James Harley Burton $290,000

121 Shoal Terrace from Brian David Keisler to Edward C. Souther and Carol D. Souther $290,000

177 Madison Park Drive from Mungo Homes Properties LLC to William Call Hymas and Esther Gruwell Hymas $261,334

125 Montauk Drive from Martha A. Presley and Ferrel L. Presley to Winifred D. Carswell $245,000

321 Allenbrooke Drive from Kun Li Chen, Xiu Zhe Chen and Jin Sheng Chen to Robin Mauldin and Jacki Stone $239,000

526 Fourteen Mile Lane from Justin Drake to Jason T. Bearden $239,000

211 Millhouse Lane from Yakov Filipets and Tatyana Filipets to Bryan Schroder and Brittney Schroder $237,500

154 Luna Trail from Amanda Sonnenberg and Robbie Sonnenberg to Heidi Gore $231,000

414 Sterling Road from Bryan J. Schroder and Brittney M. Schroeder to Jonathan L. Taylor $210,000

108 Trellis Court from Stephen N. Scott and Christine R. Scott to Lisa McKittrick $189,799

116 Dupre Mill Road from Tiffany Mitchell to Thomas Alva Lucas and Marion Davis Lucas $188,900

363 Farming Creek Way from Brandy N. Crocker to Jeffrey Alan Powers and Monica Lee Powers $186,000

142 Turnfield Drive from NEX Ventures Realty Inc. to Tomeka Gilmore $183,500

225 Tarrington Circle from Michael Cammarata and Odette Cammarata to Anthony Delucia Jr. $178,000

124 Sandlapper Way, Unit 3A from Charles A. Williams and Linda Williams to Shirley E. Donovan $175,000

128 Amethyst Lane from Palmetto Residential Rentals LLC to John T. Saunders and Mandy Saunders $169,900

131 Cochin Trace from Coates Properties LLC to Joseph Pommier $166,900

106 Armanda Road from JoAnn Mastrocesare to Elma S. Hendricks $162,000

356 Dawsons Park Drive from Great Southern Homes Inc. to Paul Michael Muskopf $157,500

368 Hollingsworth Lane from Anup Saha to Alejandro Cantor and Maria Stella Solarte $155,000

118 Quiet Grove Drive from Estate of William E. Duck to Michelle L. French $147,000

115 E. Side Drive from Linda Lee Johnson to Mark D. Dodge and Adrienne D. Dodge $142,000

241 Teesdale Court from Larry C. Slice to Donald Frick and Laura Frick $138,000

701 Spring Hill Road from Harriett W. Craps and Laken E. Wooten to Anderson Scott Leaphart $126,000

301 Harbor Heights Drive, Unit 17-D from Michael Hehn to Melody Kuhl $119,000

532 Dawsons Park Way from Estate of Mary E. Wilson to Jami L. Jeffcoat $109,500


231 Sagemont Court from Dianne Tidwell and Estate of Ray Tidwell to Aaron D. Johnson $345,000

1003 Moore Gate Court from D.R. Horton-Crown LLC to Simon Marchant and Brenda Stalzer $326,629

506 Winterfield Drive from Mungo Homes Inc. to Andrew T. Potts and Brittany A. Potts $309,900

926 Roper Mountain Court from D.R. Horton-Crown LLC to Justin Donnelley and Karen J. Donnelley $292,000

1220 Robert Hendrix Road from Robert Wayne Wright and Velda Renna Wright to Ramsey D. Robertson $269,900

1600 Jessamine Way from Charles D. Shults, Sandra M. Kader n/k/a Sandra M. Shults and Vera M. Shults to Nicholaus Ryan Rosier and Morgan Hunter Rosier $230,000

263 Keegan Rock Court from Amy M. Williams to Joseph Wilson and Wendy D. Wilson $225,000

213 Living Waters Boulevard from Great Southern Homes Inc. to Casey A. Bradwell and Heather A. Bradwell $197,047

321 Crassula Drive from Great Southern Homes Inc. to Tara E. Shikany and Christy Shikany $195,858

108 Cedar Vale Drive from Roger D. Wilkerson and Charity S. Wilkerson to Greg E. Williamson Sr. and Trinka R. Williamson $190,000

415 Finch Lane from Tara E. Shikany and Christy L. Shikany to Hunter Brooks $168,500

304 Knotts Circle from David R. Kinsella to Sharon Dabney $167,000

133 Maple Ridge Court from Susan Reddick to Brian Muhlenbruch and Kelly Muhlenbruch $166,000

708 Sequoia Drive from NVR, Inc. to Guy Edward Dittrick $154,780

248 Ashton Circle from Nicholaus R. Rosier to Matthew E. Sheffer $149,450

121 Iron Horse Road from Loren G. Morgan and Kristen L. Morgan to April T. Heath $141,500

214 Snow Lane from Shawn L. Monetta to Alexander C. Slaughter and Elizabeth Slaughter $135,500

359 Colony Lakes Drive from Karen K. Tobin to Tash Carter and Ethan Carter $129,500


444 Tap Harley Road from Danielle T. Kennerly to Elizabeth K. Livingston $195,000


206 Medical Drive from Betty S. B’Rells Revocable Trust and Gerald K. B’Rells Revocable Trust to M. A. Moustafa $600,000

Meeting St. from WECO River District, LLC to Brookland Four, LLC $500,000

604 12th St. from SC Share to Losby Properties, LLC $309,000

1721 McSwain Drive from Jeffrey S. Mulliken and Salena K. Mulliken to Steven C. Jeffcoat and Barbara J. Jeffcoat $292,000

3039 Leaphart Road from Marchant Harman to Place of Hope, LLC $160,000

101 Laurel Meadows Drive from Meredith Sterling to Joshua J. Aultman $157,000

2204 Grove St. from Karen Kealey-Singletary to Ryan E. Burgee and Megan E. Burgee $135,000

2309 Eddine Drive from Jeremy J. Diefenthaler to James A. Morell $134,900

2221 Hooklawn Drive from Amy Baggott Robison, and Baggott Senn, Sarah Baggott Timmerman and Laurie Baggott Cummings to Barnett H. Miller $110,000


239 Shell Mound Court from McGuinn Homes, LLC to Marquia A. Brumfield $206,210

211 Shell Mound Court from McGuinn Homes, LLC to Ta-Tanshia N. Johnson and Travis A. Palmer $200,800

1815 Crystal Lane from Joseph R. Buczkowski and Felicia A. Buczkowski to Andy Berry $154,900

204 Cherry Grove Drive from Kuong Sii Wong and Ai Chuo Ting to Emmanuel Cardenas and Rachel Lee Ann Cardenas $140,000

317 Favorite Court from Erin E. Husford n/k/a Erin H. Huddleston to Jordan N. Clark and Justin O. Austin $116,000


962 Brookfield Drive from Barbara L. Fulton and Albert Theodore Fulton, III to Christopher Michael Angel and Brittany J. Angel $136,000

713 Woodland Hills W. from Patricia A. Williams to Eh Kaw Say and Marry Na Paw $147,000


6164 Saint Andrews Road from Bhagwandas P. Patel to Golden Bay Seafood Restaurant, LLC $310,000

308 Winding Way from Paul D. Brumfield to Lisa L. Woods $216,900

267 Danby Court from James C. Chitwood and Patti J. Chitwood to Bradley Wyatt Pickens and Mandy Leah Pickens $147,500

317 Rapids Court from Ian Matthew Langley to John W. Bates and Marion Bates $136,500

5930 Ellisor St. from Malcolm Woods to Kory I. Franklin $135,000

8 Shuler Circle from Kathy Vonderhellen to Tamara M. Caughman $111,900



2105 Davie Lane from Ralph E. Sieber to Christopher Ervin and Stacie Ervin $220,000

63 Firetower Farm Road from Laura T. Shull and Charles R. Thiel to Britt M. Graham $210,000

522 Hampton St. from Gretchen Anderson to Ashley W. Hudson and Sandra N. Williams $190,000

1040A Broad St. from Marcut Properties to Amerson Holdings, LLC $179,000

37 Sycamore Road from Roy C. Cobb to William G. Thompson and Rosanna Jean Thompson $160,000

263 Canada Drive from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Zachary Burris and Tyler Burris $155,663

82 Colony Drive from Madi Investments LLC to Charles C. Gray $146,000

1112 Mathis Court from Mary L. Knight and Walter Knight to Gilberto Torres $117,500

2118 Owen Road from Kim M. Beaulieu to Terah E. Anderson $106,500


2509 Main St. from Larry D. Branham to Palmetto State Rental Properties LLC $300,000

3 Bud Circle from Estate of Michael H. Shumpert and Lisa S. Shumpert to Harvey E. Lloyd and Nancy S. Lloyd $187,500

42 Lacebark Lane from Christopher K. Ervin and Stacie R. Ervin to Phillip Barringer and Lindsay Barringer $161,500

35 Driftwood Avenue from Aaron Mark McCullough and Megan R. McCullough to Carlton Tyler Hurst and Annajulia Whitaker $157,500

263 Elmwood Boulevard from Robert M. Charles to Jaclyn Brooke Thomson $122,500


374 Wildwood Lane from Emily B. Thomas to Robert Jackson and Lynn Jackson $260,000

74 Wildwood Lane from Ralph Edward Medlock Jr. to Byron K. Hewitt and Christian G. Hewitt $219,200

9 Race Stable Court from Martin P. Valencia to Brandon J. Mohead and Stephanie L. Mohead $206,000

59 Mauser Drive from Richard Tyler McGinty to Zachary Szalay and Emma Szalay $189,900

101 Veranda Ridge Drive from Rhee S. Mann to Tahuana N. Bryant $187,000

1905 Springvale Road from Haile Watson and Lynda Watson to Harry W. Wheeler and Melinda J. Wheeler $142,500

9B Hoefer Court from Candace McKey to Janet K. Drake $118,500

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