CBUR-Midtown Crushed January 2012

If you’re on Facebook or Twitter, no doubt you’ve read that the world of real estate sales is experiencing an uptick. Who knows what’s true these days, however, as we’re all subject to so much fluff and spin, that sometimes we don’t know the difference. That’s OK, because just like in politics, all real estate is local.

I may not know what’s going on with the rest of Earth’s sales, but I’m well aware of what’s going on within our real estate market. That said, the pic above is the ‘Sales Board’ of Coldwell Banker United’s Midtown office for the month of January, 2012. #Impressive

To explain, the line items in the pic above are properties that received a written contract where a Realtor @ CBUR-Midtown is involved in the transaction, either as the Listing Realtor or Selling Realtor. Hopefully, my officemates and I can see these contracts to smooth closings, respectively.

Congrats to my fellow officemates and their Buyers and Sellers. This snapshot is a perfect microcosm of how CBUR-Midtown dominates the downtown Columbia, SC, real estate market.

Given the results above, I’m going to take a client recruitment liberty. Here goes: Coldwell Banker-Midtown has the best brand, best marketing, most hit-nationally branded website, enjoys the latest technology, employs the top producing Realtors in Columbia, dominates the downtown market share, and has started 2012 ON FIRE! In a sentence… if you’re not using Coldwell Banker-Midtown to sell your house, then you are, for one reason or another, fighting what’s happening around you. #JustSayin

No question, there are agents outside of CBUR-Midtown doing a nice business. All in all, however, I’m glad to be a part of the dominant office in the Midlands, as in my mind, activity generates activity. Further, I’m certain being with this group only adds to our practice/results.

Well done, Coldwell Banker United, Realtors-Midtown. As you can tell, I’m proud to be a part of the premiere sales force in downtown Columbia, SC. #WeRockedJanuary #KeepItUp

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